SAS Pilot Strike More Than 70% Of The Flights Canceled


SAS pilots in Denmark, Norway and Sweden have begun their strike as of this morning that has lead to massive flight cancellations.

SAS Pilot Strike

There are roughly 1,500 pilots on strike, and that has canceled more than 70% of the airline’s flight schedule and a far greater percentage of passengers are inconvenienced. Only small regional flights operated by partner airlines are currently operating.

You can access SAS’ page for strike information here.

Here’s the information that SAS has released regarding rebookings:

SAS IS OFFERING VOLUNTARY REBOOKING FREE OF CHARGE, for those passengers who are being worried about their travel arrangements being affected by the pilot strike starting on 26APRIL19.

The offer is valid for SAS operated flights. Flights operated by our partners are not affected by the strike and are not subject for voluntary rebooking free of charge.

We are offering our customers to voluntary change their reservation free of charge on My Bookings, even if the flight hasn’t yet been affected or canceled as long as the following criteria are met:

· Your flight is with SAS

· Flight is not cancelled

· The departure date of your flight are between 26-29 April 2019

· Your ticket number starts with 117

· Your ticket is issued on/before 24 April 2019

· The ticket is purchased on SAS web, SAS App or SAS Call Center.

· If you booked via a travel agent or a tour operator, please contact them directly.

You can rebook to a SAS flight on another date to the same destination if the same service class as the original ticket is available. The new date of travel may not be earlier than 06May until 30 September 2019.

Please note that you cannot rebook your trip online if you are travelling with an infant, ordered a special meal, are travelling as an unaccompanied minor, have requested transportation of a wheelchair or pet.

SAS will not reimburse travelers for costs such as, but not limited to, accommodations, meals or surface or air transport related for voluntary rebookings.

Did you book your ticket via a travel agent or a tour operator? Please contact your travel agent for more information.


You have 3 options, regardless of ticket type:


If your flight is canceled, the rebooking process is started immediately. Once you’ve been rebooked, we’ll send you an SMS. If you booked your ticket via a travel agent, you can contact them directly to find out about your rebooking options.


For all reservations made via SAS, please visit – Traffic disruptions, to find contact information.

If you booked your ticket via a travel agent, you can contact them directly to find out about your rebooking options. If you fly charter with an SAS flight, i.e. flight numbers SK7000 – SK7999, please contact your tour operator. You’ll find the contact details in your travel documents.


If your SAS flight has been canceled or delayed by more than 3 hours and you no longer wish to travel, you’re entitled to a full refund of your ticket. If you do this, please note that we won’t be obliged to provide assistance (such as meals and accommodations) once you’ve canceled your ticket.

HOW TO REQUEST A REFUND FOR A CANCELED FLIGHT: If you booked via SAS and your ticket number starts with 117,  you can request a refund. If you prefer, a request for refund can be made later.

If you booked via a travel agent or tour operator, please contact them directly, as we can only reimburse the person/company that made the booking.

A) If SAS has rebooked you on a flight departing WITHIN 24 HOURS from your original departure:

· If we’ve offered you a new flight but you choose to book your own transportation, you’re still entitled to a full refund of your unused SAS ticket. In this case, we won’t reimburse you for any alternative transportation.

· Remember to cancel your ticket with SAS or with your tour operator/travel agent to receive a refund for the unused SAS ticket (see above under 3 “How to request a refund for a canceled flight”).

· Please note that we are not obliged to cover any expenses for meals or hotel accommodations during the delay once you’ve canceled your ticket with SAS.

B) If SAS has rebooked you on a flight departing 24 HOURS OR MORE after your original departure:

· If we’re not able to rebook you on a new flight departing within 24 hours of your original departure, you may book another airline ticket, take a train, bus or rent a car. We will reimburse the difference between your unused SAS ticket and the cost of your new transportation under comparable transport conditions upon production of receipts. If you choose to book alternative travel, please remember to cancel your ticket with SAS to get a refund for your unused ticket.

· Please note that the cost for the alternative transportation must be in the same price range as your original ticket. If you choose to buy a new airline ticket, we will only reimburse you for a trip in the same service class as in your original SAS ticket.


If your SAS flight has been canceled and you need to get to your destination, explore what options are available on other airlines and call SAS or the agent who issued the ticket. Their automated or manually done rebookings may not offer the most convenient flights for you.

SAS is required by the EU legislation EC 261/2004 to rebook affected passengers to their final destination at the earliest opportunity even if that means flying them on airlines such as British Airways or Emirates. They may not offer all options voluntarily, however. You may have to push.

You are also eligible for duty to care that means accommodation, meals and phone cards in case of long delays. You may have to pay these first by yourself and later seek reimbursement from the airline.

I was supposed to meet some Norwegians friends this weekend but now they are struck and at minimum delayed arriving by a day.

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