SAS Pilot Strike Now On Its Seventh Day

SAS pilot strike is now on its seventh day, having started on Friday last week. The airline has canceled more than 700 flights scheduled for today after negotiations in Norway didn’t reach a deal last night.

SAS Strike

The airline is expected to lose around $10M per day the strike continues wiping the profit that SAS could have potentially reached in 2019.

You can access SAS’ page for strike information here.

Here’s an excerpt from The Local (access their piece here):

“The situation is still very deadlocked,” Mats Wilhelm Ruland, Norway’s national mediator, told Norwegian newspaper VG late on Wednesday night.

The newspaper reported that by 6am on Thursday, the parties were still in talks in Oslo, where the negotiations related to pilots in all three affected countries.

“There is still hope, and it is always possible to find a solution during mediation. No-one has signalled that they want to end the talks. We will continue to mediate as long as the parties say it is meaningful,” explained Ruland.

It is the first time both sides have sat down together for talks since SAS pilots walked off the job in Sweden, Denmark and Norway on Friday demanding better pay and conditions, though they met prior to the walkout.


It is annoying that SAS only cancels the flights the day before they are scheduled to operate, not allowing agents to rebook passengers more than 36 to 24 hours in advance of their scheduled flights.

These airline pilot strikes tends to be over in couple of days due to costs involved. It is very rare that they last for a week.

If the strike lasts much longer, they may as well close the airline that almost went under in 2012. The strike affects forward looking bookings and there are great expenses for rebookings and providing duty to care for all the affected passengers.