Malaysia Airlines Enrich & Radisson Rewards Transfer Promotion: Earn 50% Bonus When Transferring Hotel Points To Miles Until 31 May 2019

Members of Radisson Rewards can earn a 50% Transfer Bonus when moving hotel points to Malaysia Airlines Enrich miles until 31 May 2019.

Program members can exchange Radisson points until the end of May but should carefully consider if the Enrich program provides value to them in terms of flight redemption.

You can access the promotional website via Malaysia Airlines here.

Radisson Rewards™ gives you an enhanced experience from your time of booking, checkout and every moment in-between. Enrich members will receive 1 Enrich Mile for every 10 Radisson Rewards Points redeemed.

Be rewarded with 50% more exclusively during this promotion period.

The promotion is described like this:

Even with the bonus amount I’m highly skeptical of the value in this promotion for several reasons.

For one, the conversion rate is absolutely horrible: 2000 Radisson Points to 200 [now 300] Enrich miles is just awful. The next issue is the cost of Malaysia Airlines awards which – in miles – is very high. Last year I got some miles as compensation from MH and had to use them somehow, ended up using 12,000 miles for a short haul roundtrip between KL and Singapore.

This would currently require the transfer of 80,000 Radisson points to Enrich [120,000 without the promotion].

In comparison to that here the Radisson award chart for hotel awards:

A night at the highest category hotel in cities such as Chicago, London, Paris or Sydney costs 70,000 points, representing a much higher value than you could ever get from the corresponding Enrich miles.


I wouldn’t use this promotion to transfer large amounts of Radisson points to Enrich. In fact, I’d be hard pressed to transfer any currency into Enrich based on their poor redemption values.

The only way this promotion could make sense is if the member needs a small amount to reach a redemption level or wants to clean out the Radisson account for any reason (and even then there are better transfer partners available).