UPDATE: Aeroflot SU1492 Moscow Incident, 41 Fatalities


More details have emerged from the Aeroflot SU 1492 crash at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport.  Out of the 73 passengers and 5 crew, 35 passengers and 2 crew members were able to escape the inferno.

Source: Twitter

The “black boxes” have been successfully retrieved from the aircraft and will be analyzed by the Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK).

While there has been unofficial reports that the aircraft had been hit by lightning, eye witness reports at The Aviation Herald stated the following:

Listeners on frequency report the aircraft lost radio contact at about FL100 and returned to Sheremetyevo without radio contact with ATC.

A ground observer reported he witnessed the landing. The aircraft bounced, on the third critical touchdown both main gear struts collapsed and the aircraft caught fire.

A video shows no smoke and no fire from the aircraft prior to touchdown.

Flight Radar 24 has released the flight path for SU14924:

Source: FlightRadar24


While the black boxes should give us a more definitive look at this tragedy, it appears that it was the damage sustained on the subsequent bounce that lead to the ensuing tragedy.

What is also troubling, as in the top photograph, is escaping passengers disregarding the rule of leaving personal articles onboard, which  may have cost precious time and unfortunately added to the number of fatalities.