Whine Wednesdays: Filthy Cabins, Destroyed Inflight Magazines – Case of THAI Airways Ex Bangkok


Our Whine Wednesdays topic this week is about the lack of care some airlines – in this case Thai Airways – apply to their aircraft when operating flights from their home base including filthy, ripped apart inflight magazines.

One would think it’s the easiest task in the world to put an aircraft back into acceptable, clean condition when it originates from the airlines hub, but Thai’s ground staff doesn’t seem to care.

During a regional flight ex Bangkok this week I noticed that magazines were either missing or in other cases such as the duty free catalogue totally destroyed.

Cleanliness was also a problem as remains of sticky juice and coffee were visible on the tray and window shade.

This particular flight departed at 7:45am and was sitting in Bangkok for the entire night, so ground staff should have had ample opportunity during the night shift to clean the cabin properly and replace any reading material that has seen it’s best times already.

It’s not necessary to replace every single magazine and inflight shopping catalogue but something that looks like it’s been attacked by a dog alone at home (see picture above) should definitely be taken out of it’s misery before sending the plane on a new rotation.

And this is by far not an isolated incident I’ve seen this on Thai Airways in recent times. The aircraft I had late February from Singapore to Bangkok was also extremely filthy.


Until a couple years ago Thai Airways has always taken pride in good service and clean presentation of their inflight products. I feel somehow the standard have dropped significantly for the past year and a half. Maybe a case of cost cutting and lack of adequate supervision?

The carriers should have a manager or at least some responsible employee check the aircraft for proper cleanliness prior to handing it over to regular service. The last line of defense is the cabin crew who could at least file a report. I don’t expect crew to mop up filthy trays and window shades but a quality check is the least they should do.

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