Fabulous Fridays: ANA Offers Passengers Miles (Or Cash) As Compensation In Domestic Overbooking Situations

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Our Fabulous Fridays topic this week is about ANA All Nippon Airways who recently offered one of our readers a decent amount of ANA Mileage Club miles during an overbooking situation.

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Usually airlines offer cash during such a situation, which was the case with ANA as well, however they also offered a very lucrative mileage option as well.

I received a call last week where she was asking about advise on the overbooking of the overbooked flight from Ishigaki to Tokyo which is a normal domestic flight.

ANA said the flight was oversold and they were offering passengers either JPY 10,000 (around US$90) or alternatively 10,000 Mileage Plan miles.

In terms of monetary compensation that is the lowest offer I’ve EVER heard of in terms of an overbooking situation. Can I say low ball!?

The miles on the other hand have significant value due to the great redemption opportunities in the Mileage Plan award chart. There are definitely several sweet spots there, however the downside is ANA is restrictive as they only let you book round trip itineraries and applies an advance booking rule of several days.


In terms of the cash offer I had to laugh but the miles are extremely valuable. She ended up volunteering and changing her flight to an even better schedule (earlier arrival) and got the 10,000 ANA miles credited immediately. Perfect!