UPDATE: Aerolineas Argentinas SkyTeam Elite Plus Status Match (Apply By December 21, 2018)


SkyTeam member airline Aerolineas Argentinas launched a very interesting status match campaign that ran through December 21, 2018, which we wrote about at that time.

Aerolineas Argentinas

Aerolineas Argentinas match included pretty much any airline or hotel status excluding SkyTeam to their Aerolineas Plus one (SkyTeam Elite Plus).There were no reports of successful matches, however.

You can access this offer on Aerolineas Argentinas website here.

Here’s what was required:

Send us an email to ar-plus@aerolineas.com.ar with the following information and the subject “Desafío Status Match

• Aerolíneas Plus member number

• Full name and surname and updated email address

• Copy of the last extract or copy of the membership card that identifies you with your current status in the program that you are an Elite member.

Aerolineas Argentinas lists the following airlines and hotel programs as an examples on the T&Cs:

  • GOL
  • Avianca
  • Iberia
  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • British Airlines
  • Hilton Honors

They also note that they will entertain all other programs as well at their discretion.

UPDATE: A reader sent us a following message:

Regarding the issue with Aerolineas’ status match promotion as stated below, I finally managed to get a response from a spokesperson (I am a travel blogger):

“Regarding you question, I would like to inform you that, because of the number of request received, Aerolíneas Plus had decided to restrict the match only to argentine and southamerican residents. The promotion is finished now and, for the time being, we don’t have the intention to renew it. “

This basically implies that the change the terms and conditions after the fact, making this in my opinion a bait-and-switch.

I thought this may be interesting for you considering the comments in the previous article on the status match promo.


Very unfortunate, although not surprising, that Aerolineas Argentinas made a decision to exclude applicants outside of South America from this offer when it was not included in the T&Cs.

Thanks to a reader who managed to get a statement from the airline.

Here are the terms and conditions of this promotion:

1. The applicant must be of legal age and be a member of the Aerolíneas Plus Program.

2. Aerolineas Argentinas reserves the right to deny the request if the information sent by the applicant is not true, it is not sufficient and in any other case considered by Aerolíneas Argentinas.

3. SkyTeam alliance companies are not eligible to participate in the Status Match Challenge.

4. The airlines and hotel chains participating in the challenge are: Latampass de Latam, Smiles de Gol, LifeMiles de Avianca, Iberia Plus of Iberia, MileagePlus of United, Aadvatange of American Airlines, Executive Club of British Airways, Hilton Honors de Hilton This list is not exhaustive and any other airline or hotel chain sent by the applicant will be subject to approval by Aerolíneas Plus.

5. Aerolineas Argentinas reserves the right to grant the Gold or Platinum category in accordance with the equivalence that it considers to correspond between the categories of these programs and those of the Aerolíneas Plus program.

6. The applicant must attach his or her membership card or statement of account where the current category is indicated in the other company, name and expiration date which must not be less than 3 months from the moment of the request.

7. The granted membership will have a validity of 1 (one) year, renewable only if the member meets the necessary requirements to remain in that category.

8. To reach the Platinum category and renew the membership, the member must meet within 12 months any of the following requirements: 50,000 basic air miles, or 60 air segments with mileage credit, or 30,000 basic air miles and 30 air segments with mileage credit. In the case of the Gold category, the requirements are: 25,000 basic air miles, or 30 air segments with credit of miles, or 15,000 basic air miles and 15 air segments with credit of miles or 10,000 basic air miles, 10 air segments with credit of miles and 18,000 basic banking miles.

9. The benefits of the Platinum category are: Check in priority, cabin upgrade subject to space, entrance to the Condor Hall and the SkyTeam network rooms, priority boarding, priority in baggage delivery, special miles per category, luggage additional free of charge, excepted FEE payment, reservation priority and waiting list at the airport, SkyPriority, AnyPlus, exception for maternity, * advance of flights on the same day, lifetime category. *

10. The benefits of the Gold category are : Check in priority, cabin upgrade subject to cabotage and regional space, entry to the Condor Hall, priority boarding, special miles per category, additional baggage without charge, AnyPlus, maternity exception.

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