Hyatt Globalist Agent: We’re Not Supposed To Call Hotels Anymore To Assist With Booking Problems!


World of Hyatt has apparently implemented a new anti-customer measure at their Globalist hotline as agents were instructed that they shouldn’t call the property anymore if there are issues with individual reservations.

In the current case, an award showed as unavailable at the Andaz San Diego despite a standard room being open and for sale.

World of Hyatt has improved their website dramatically over the past year yet there are still plenty of instances where you have to call the reservations hotline and get things done.

The quality of the agents varies greatly and unfortunately the Globalist Concierge option is pretty much a disaster considering their working hours where it sometimes takes days until someone gets back to you.

Yesterday I attempted to book the Andaz San Diego with either points or the promotional free night Cat 1-4 which was still in my account. Unfortunately Hyatt’s website displayed an error:

The Standard King room was for sale however (yesterday the price was $556): So without being able to find a remedy for this online I called the reservations hotline and talked to an agent. She did some research and came back with the explanation that the Andaz San Diego only makes rooms with a Queen Bed available for award redemptions and this was a King.

I said that this is not an acceptable way of handling award reservations. A King Bed room is a Standard Room as is a Twin or Queen and therefore it should be open to use points. She said that “agents aren’t supposed to call the hotels anymore to ask for exceptions or clarify problems” otherwise she’d do it for me.

Since it usually doesn’t help to get angry with people on the phone I requested that she gets in touch with the customer service manager or one of the WOH directors (gave her two names) and that they contact the hotel to get this cleared up.

I was placed on hold for almost 15 minutes and then the lady came back on with the positive answer that the award had been redeemed as I wished. They opened up a Queen Bed Room manually and processed the redemption, however no word was lost about who did this and if she actually called the property or if one of the managers did.

This leaves two general issues for Hyatt customers:

  • Why did Hyatt take away the ability of customer service agents to call the hotel directly?
  • In terms of the Andaz San Diego, why is the hotel allowed to game the availability pool that way?

There should be more oversight in terms of what hotels are allowed to do with their inventory restrictions. The way that Andaz San Diego handles this Queen/King award restriction is definitely not by the rules and far from acceptable.


I like World of Hyatt for the feature that any standard room is available for redemption and despite all their shortcomings over the years it’s one of the reasons why I always re-qualified for the Globalist level.

As far as the customer service agents are concerned, I can recall more than one instance where an agent had to call the hotel to ask for exceptions such as when I had to cancel a reservation on the same day and required a waiver for the cancellation policy. This was always one Hyatt’s strong points – being able to get someone on the phone and resolve problems (at least for the Diamond/Globalist level).

Hopefully this won’t become a “thing” that agents now have to refuse to do that. And if they do, then the customer should ask to talk to a manager!