Air France Launches SWING


Air France has launched a new program called SWING trying to move passengers from overbooked flights by offering them a small incentive.

Air France SWING

Air France sends an email to targeted passengers offering them few alternate flights and a coupon amount they would be eligible for if they accept one of the options.

You can access Air France’s page for SWING here.

Here’s the information that Air France has up on its web page (Google translation from French):


It seems that Air France here is trying to get passengers to accept alternate flights for a small coupon that can be later used towards Air France, KLM, HOP! or Joon flights.

It could be win-win for the airline that may otherwise have to pay expensive EC 261/2004 compensations in CASH in case of delays, downgrades or involuntary denied boardings.

Some airlines already do something like this, like American who sometimes calls passengers and offers passengers alternate routings (direct versus connecting).

Here are the terms and conditions of this program:

  • The offer applies to all customers of the same booking file, and each receives a credit of the amount indicated in the e-mail.
  • Offer is limited and subject to availability.
  • Each credit is nominative and valid for one year from the date of issue. It can be used in whole or in part, for the purchase of air tickets or options (luggage, seat, meal, lounge, etc.) on Air France, KLM, HOP! and Joon.
  • The credit can also be refunded, in an Air France agency or by phone, at the number indicated in the Contact us page of our site.
  • Each passenger can use 2 credits for a reservation, within the limit of 3 credits in the same booking file.