Whine Wednesday: Excessive Parking Fees In Las Vegas – Avoid Them With Players Club Status!

It’s been quite some time now since the big properties in Las Vegas started charging both Casino and Hotel guests for parking, something that has always been complimentary in Las Vegas.

The fees have now gotten out of hand especially for short term parking and while low by other city standards they are certainly annoying especially since said hotels also charge resort fees.

The garage entrances of the casino hotels are now equipped with automated gates and there is a sign or sometimes an attendant who will ask you to insert your players club card which will then – depending on the status level – waive the parking fees.

You can find our article from May 2016 where MGM Hotels&Resorts announced first announced their plan for fee waivers here.

They have since revised their parking fee structure a little even though parking is still not free for hotel guests.

M life Rewards Members

  • Self-parking is complimentary* for Pearl, Gold, Platinum and NOIR M life Rewards Members
  • Valet-parking is complimentary* for Gold, Platinum and NOIR M life Rewards Members
  • M life Rewards Mastercard cardholders receive an automatic upgrade to Pearl status. Pearl status members receive complimentary self-parking
  • The M life Rewards Mastercard may be used to validate parking. Guests must scan their M life Rewards Mastercard at the exit machine to receive the free parking benefit.

I prefer to do self parking and as such any level of M Life membership would help me out with that. Currently I’m still M Life NOIR and could have free valet parking as well (plus a tip) but I simply don’t like other people in my vehicle.

M Life status is readily available to Hyatt status customers as well per their mutual recognition.

All of these level will afford the member free parking. As far as the MLife Mastercard is concerned I don’t think it’s a very useful tool to apply for a credit card just to get free parking unless you’re someone who frequents MLife garages a lot such as a local resident or very frequent visitor to MGM Hotels/Casinos who doesn’t gamble.

It would be more useful though (in my opinion) to get the Hyatt Credit Card and then use the associated Hyatt Discoverist Status to match to MLife Pearl. It’s pretty much the same outcome but the Hyatt card is more universal to use. It does come with a $95 annual fee though which will be compensated with a free night.

How about parking at Caesars Entertainment properties? It’s very similar.

This is pretty much a mirror of the policies MGM has introduced which is of course no coincidence. I’m pretty sure the two entertainment giants copied from, if not even coordinated with, each other to make sure they have the same policies. That way they don’t bite each other but are still able to siphon off cash from their guests a second time after levying a high resort fee on them.

Caesars Rewards credit card holders also receive free parking. I like their credit card a bit better as it allows you to collect points one can then use for the Diamond Lounge at Casinos which is no longer free for regular and matched Diamonds.


One doesn’t necessarily *need* a car in Las Vegas but it’s actually convenient and if you live close or are a local then of course why not drive? The garages are always full and I’m sure the hotels/casinos pocket a good amount of money from their guests which is a nice cushion on their bottom line.

Parking has always been free in Las Vegas and there are still many garages and hotels where you can park for free. It’s annoying that especially those properties with the highest resort fees started to implement a parking fee policy. Thankfully at least Caesars Diamond’s are exempt from those fees, both parking and resort.