Rub It In: While American Is Battling Their Mechanics, Delta Air Lines Is Celebrating “Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Day”

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It appears to be either major trolling by Delta Air Lines or in the very least a very funny coincidence that the airline just celebrated their Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Day for the folks at Delta TechOps.

Meanwhile the American Airlines mechanics union threatened management with a “bloody battle” over the negotiation of work contracts for the crew.

Delta has rolled out generous compensation schemes and improvements at the workplace over the years which has made them a very popular employer according to Forbes:

#155 America’s Best Employers 2019

#97 Best Employers for Diversity 2019

#55 Just Companies 2019

#370 World’s Best Employers 2018

#44 Best Employers for New Grads 2018

Delta News Hub just published scenes from their celebration of AMT Day including bio’s of people whose career revolves around keeping Delta’s planes in the air.

While most of the world sleeps, Delta’s aircraft maintenance technicians are working hard to keep one of the industry’s most complex fleets flying. Aircraft maintenance technicians, or AMTs as they’re better known in the airline industry, are some of the many employees behind-the-scenes whose work is felt by all, but rarely seen first-hand.

AMT Day, which is observed on May 24, is a day to recognize the efforts of those aviation maintenance professionals who go above and beyond, as well as the achievements of Charles Edward Taylor, the man who built the engine used to power the Wright Brothers’ airplane.

“AMT Day is a really special day at Delta because it allows us to thank not only AMTs, but all of the talented TechOps employees whose dedication and service to Delta and our customers is unmatched,” said Don Mitacek, S.V.P. – TechOps. “While many traveling customers may never interact with a TechOps employee, their valued contribution is seen each and every day as they work to ensure planes are where they need to be safely and on time.”  …

It’s great to see that employees are happy at Delta because ultimately this trickles down to the customer service of line employees as well.

I wonder if American Airlines had an AMT Day this year given their current situation with the mechanics union, including the latest lawsuit accusing the technicians of sabotaging the operations!?

American did in fact have such a festivity / acknowledgement in 2018:

Relationships between AA management and their technicians have soured in the meantime. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, as unhappy mechanics are never a good thing for a company where safety of equipment is paramount.


Most work these experts are doing is done in the shadows of the night or a hangar with the average passenger not catching a glimpse of their accomplishments.

It’s nice for a big company to have a day to acknowledge the work these people are doing and put them in the spotlight. At the same time it’s also great advertisement for the career opportunities in this field. Who doesn’t love to work with planes after all?

And since the Delta Airlines video mentioned that many military veterans are using their learned skills in this civilian job, happy Memorial Day Weekend to all LoyaltyLobby readers and especially those who served their country!