Compensation Clinic At Four Points By Sheraton Las Vegas: Room Not Ready At 6PM!


This week the Compensation Clinic makes a brief stop in Las Vegas where I had a quick stay at the Four Points last week that was less than satisfactory due to mismanagement at the property.

The property was extremely busy and apparently didn’t have sufficient staff on site to deal with the number of guests and turning over rooms as per standard check-out/check-in time.

I do realize that this property is anything but stellar and I usually stay here only if there is a compelling reason for it, such as using the on site laundry facilities or needing to go in and out of the garage easily, which is always a hassle in the big casino hotels.

Last week I was traveling by car and had to stay one night at a property that makes it easy to get in/out without much effort, so the Four Points was a decent choice on face value simply because it’s practical.

I arrived at 6:15pm and the front desk was in shambles. Several guests were waiting for their rooms and no Elite check in was available either. Only one front desk agent was working and a lady from the back office had to help out even though she didn’t have experience with the check-in process. Why is there no front desk staff on site that you have to put your colleagues in that position?

In any case it took them almost half an hour until a room was ready. Other guests waited even longer. In my case I went to use the laundromat quickly and headed out for dinner. When I returned later at night and took a shower I noticed that there weren’t any towels in the room except two tiny wash clothes. Just perfect!

The garage was a total disaster. Garbage everywhere which included drink cans, plastic bags, fast food leftovers. Filthy would be an understatement and I’ve seen some pretty unsavory garages in my time.

When I brought these things to the attention of the front desk the next morning I learned the property doesn’t even have a General Manager. No surprise then, without any specific person responsible for the hotel it’s no wonder the inmates are running the asylum. I called Marriott Consumer Affairs at their Headquarters and talked to a lady who was seriously concerned about these things. I suggested that she contact the area manager for Las Vegas to visit/audit the property. Marriott has a bunch of hotels in the area and as such there is always a responsible area manager assigned.

I later got a voicemail to my google voice box from the Marriott Customer Affairs department:

According to the employees at the property there were many guests who stayed for the EDC festival in Las Vegas the day before and apparently many of them were eligible for late check-out. I highly doubt that this was valid for the majority of guests though. Even if that was true, considering the standard check-in time for guests hotel management has to make sure that arrivals aren’t impacted by too many late check-out’s. Worst case the property has to decline or reduce the 2/4pm check-out time for elites.

The rating per the properties own websites isn’t the best either right now:

52% – HALF – of the guests recommend this hotel. In short, the other half hates it and by far not all guests take this survey. Not the best stats for any hotel, let alone a branded one.


The offer of 20,000 points was fair considering a full night costs 25,000 points here. Hopefully the hotel gets a new General Manager soon who is dedicated to bring this property up to brand standards again. It should be a lot less stressful for both guests and employees if a business is managed properly.

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