American Express Priority Pass “Enhancements”: Non-lounge Airport Experiences Removed


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a screenshot of the latest cardmember notice that American Express had sent to members in Hong Kong.

American Express Hong Kong Enhancement

American Express is removing access to the non-lounge Priority Pass airport experiences from its cardholders. This means that Priority Pass accepting restaurants are no longer available for Amex holders in Hong Kong. It is interesting to see if this expands to other markets as well.

You can access Priority Pass here.


These Priority Pass “experiences” were launched to combat a situation were a member doesn’t have access to a lounge due to overcrowding or simply because there isn’t one affiliated with the program.

I hadn’t thought that some members are perhaps abusing the dining option by visiting multiple restaurants if availability wasn’t be an issue, but perhaps it is. Why American Express otherwise would have removed this option?

American Express certainly has an option to remove this from cardholders in other markets as well. Let’s hope that it won’t happen.