Regulator Grounds Avianca Basil


Brazilian airline regulator ANAC on Friday finally grounded Avianca Brasil (OceanAir) that filed for bankruptcy protection last year.

Avianca Brazil Plane

Avianca Brasil had already returned or lessors had already repossessed most of their planes. The airline continued to fly a few flights between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro daily.

Here’s an excerpt from Reuters (access their piece here):

Brazil’s civil aviation regulator ANAC said on Friday it had suspended all flights and operations of carrier Avianca Brasil in the country as a precautionary measure, following the company’s filing for bankruptcy late last year.

“All the flights are suspended until the company proves it has the capacity to maintain operations safely,” ANAC said in a statement.

Avianca Brasil has filed for bankruptcy protection and lost most of its fleet after lessors obtained favorable court decisions to take aircraft back for lack of payments.


Sad to see another airline collapse in 2019 and Star Alliance lose a member. I flew on OceanAir few times and most recently under the Avianca Brasil brand in March.

VASP, Varig (once the flagship airline of Brazil) and now Avianca Brasil (OceanAir) are all Brazilian airlines that have gone bankruptcy in this century.