Hilton’s CEO Doesn’t Leave Tips For Housekeeping – Why Should You?


Hilton’s president and CEO, Chris Nassetta was interviewed at the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference earlier this week and had stated that he doesn’t usually leave tips for housekeeping and that sentiment was echoed by other event participants.

Hilton Tipping

This opens up the question, why should you leave tips for housekeeping staff when CEO of Hilton who earned $20 million in 2018 doesn’t?

Hotels have many positions that some guests tip while others rarely receive any (in North America). You also have to keep in mind that tipping is neither expected nor customary in most countries where hotel employees are paid a fair wage.

Some Marriott hotels are even distributing tipping envelopes that are left on the pillow by the housekeeping staff.

Whine Wednesdays Tip Envelopes

Whine Wednesdays: Tipping Envelopes At Marriott Hotels

Marriott also ran into an issue with its staff when they tried to push the “Make A Green Choice” initiative that merely cut employee hours and salary.

Marriott Rewards Green Choice Or Greedy Choice

Marriott “Green Choice” Or Greedy Choice? (Housekeeping Hours Cut)


We had a lively discussion last week (read more here) about expecting tipping gone mad and, (my opinion has always been) how employers should pay fair wage rather than trying to coerce guests open up their wallets.

It seems that at least the CEO and President of Hilton agrees with this.