Reader Tweet: “Full” Glass Of Champagne On British Airways


Everyone should know by now that British Airways is merely a badly run low-cost carrier masquerading as a full service one.

British Airways Full Glass Of Champagne

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a Tweet of what is BA’s version of a full glass of champagne and there is likely reason for this – rationing.

British Airways no longer replenishes their bars at many out stations including long-haul ones. If they had a thirsty crowd on the way to the destinations, there could be very little, if any, of BA’s “premium” wines left for the return segment. First class passengers could end up served British sparkling wine instead of Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle.


It is just incredibly cheap for BA not to stock bars at out stations. This alcohol is tax/duty free anyway and the amount of money saved must be minimal.

I fly on BA when it fits my schedule as I am their Gold Guest List-member with the Concorde Room Card (soon lifetime Gold). British Airways, however, is not a premium airline regardless what they try to portray.

Best way to have a satisfied BA flight is to eat in advance and then decline all the services on-board. I have an evening 11-hour BA flight coming on Tuesday and this is again what I intended to do. Just to have a chat with the CSM upon boarding to tell them not to disturb be at any point of the flight unless there is an emergency.

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