Compensation Clinic: Days Old Sandwich Found In The Drawer At Fairfield Inn San Jose Airport


This week the Compensation Clinic stops at the Fairfield Inn San Jose Airport where one of our readers found his several day old sandwich in the sock drawer which he previously discarded in the trash bin.

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As per the readers email, he discarded his leftover sandwich in the trash on the first day of his stay and while cleaning out the room the housekeeper must have gotten distracted, leaving the food and some cleaning utensils in the drawer.

He writes:

Hi guys, attached some pics and screenshots of my recent stay at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott at San Jose Airport where we pay $260 per night on our corporate rate. Regular rates are often more than $500. As a reward I found my days old lunch in the sock drawer! Got 25k points for this as per communication attached. Cheers -Kev

The front desk apparently didn’t know how to handle the complaint and referred to the GM who received an email from the reader:

The reply from the General Manager of the Marriott property came promptly:

The reader enrolled in Green Choice for the last night considering the quality of the housekeeping experience at said property, and those points haven’t posted either, hence the extra 500 points. In total the property offered a compensation of 25,000 Bonvoy points for this situation.


Thankfully the sandwich was discovered after just 2 days and it was wrapped. Not sure how this could have happened other than the the housekeeper suddenly got a call or was otherwise distracted and the drawer plus leftovers slipped his/her mind.

These hotels in San Jose / Cupertino are pretty expensive nowadays due to the local tech industry and lack of competition. They can command pretty much any rate and people will pay it. If one has points it’s a pretty good value especially if a corporate rate isn’t available. The compensation received here is one night free which is a fair value.

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  1. “Fair value?” Gee-zuz…maybe for privileged hotel snobs who complain/whine about everything. The guy got a kings ransom for his first world problem.

    What’s next – getting a free night for missing shampoo in the bathroom is “fair value”, too?

  2. Way to piss and moan about something so trivial. All the problems in the world and you wanna post about a wrapped up sandwich? Get off your mothers tit and try being a grown ass adult and dealing with a real life issue. Or maybe, you just need your cry room to hide away in. Must be a millennial.

    Wow!! I hate working my way through life. I’d much rather depend on others to support me all while I ruin someone else’s life, possibly means of support, just to get a free nights stay.

  3. How about this, throw it away because as you said yourself, it was prob a mistake. Problem solved without whining involved. Besides, it was YOUR sandwich that you left out, not someone else’s sandwich that you found when you got to the room. Be an adult and don’t complain about this level of stuff. The housekeeper prob got fired, but hey, you got 25k Bonvoy points! Good for you Kev! Why even give this guy any article time? Unless bottom of the barrel articles are all that you got going these days. Sad…


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