American Express Centurion Lounges Now Allow “Online Check-in” 30 Minutes Prior To Arrival

To combat long waiting lines at American Express Centurion Lounges, customers can now use an online check-in function 30 minutes prior to arrival in order to bypass a potential waiting list.

Several popular Centurion Lounge locations are often unable to accommodate customers during peak hours and require long waits to get in or even find a seat.

You can access the Centurion Lounge website here.

Right now there isn’t any information about the new function on that website, so here are two screenshots I took today:

Card members who complete the online check-in will receive a code and then receive preferred access to whatever Centurion Lounge they checked in to. I’m not sure how this is going to work, if there will be a separate counter with signage “OLCI customers only” or whatever they will do.

Lounges that are notoriously overcrowded are Seattle and San Francisco – it’s absolutely insane what’s going on there sometimes during peak departure times and these lounges are way too small.

With the recently implemented restrictions that resonated very negatively with customers it’s sometimes impossible to profit in a positive way from lounge access. Come too early they don’t let you in, come too late and you might not be able to get in either because it’s overcrowded and by the time you get in it’s almost boarding time.


This solution is not a bad idea. Depending on how fast one can get through security it might be a good time to do the online check-in by the time one reaches the check-in counter of the airline (or arrives curbside) and then proceed directly through security and to the lounge.

As mentioned before, due to limited space there is very little they can do to improve the situation except getting a new, larger space for the lounge.

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