Hyatt Regency Kathmandu Suddenly Closed Until At Least 28th June 2019 Due To Labor Dispute – Watch Your Reservations!

Hyatt Regency Kathmandu has suddenly stopped accepting any reservations and closed the property to guests as it is currently involved in an ongoing dispute with local trade unions.

The property states that guests and groups who have existing bookings will be contacted proactively and will be relocated to other hotels until the dispute is resolved.

Something must have escalated on short notice as otherwise a hotel wouldn’t close down all of the sudden, which is going to be a financial and logistical nightmare.

Here is the statement from Hyatt on the hotels own website:

At Hyatt it is our top priority to deliver the outstanding experience and service that our brands stand for. Unfortunately, Hyatt Regency Kathmandu is currently involved in an ongoing dispute with local trade unions. The hotel is working with all parties involved to resolve this dispute at the earliest possible opportunity, but until then the hotel will temporarily cease operations and will not accept any bookings. Guests and groups who have existing bookings will be contacted proactively and will be relocated to other hotels. We hope that the hotel will be able to resolve this issue promptly and continue to deliver the service that the Hyatt Regency brand stands for.

So based on their own advertisement they are the “Best Luxury Hotel & Resort in Kathmandu” which I would assume sets the benchmark for the type of hotel they would rebook you at and, quite frankly, compensation received. If they are the best hotel then technically anything else would be a downgrade right? Seriously, the hotel wasn’t bad at all but I wouldn’t hype it that much.

As far as international hotels go? there is a Crowne Plaza, Radisson and ShangriLa in the five star category. Hopefully they have enough capacity.

The block of reservations currently goes until the 28th June 2019 (inclusive) with the first bookable day of arrival being 29th of June (without any guarantees that the hotel will resolve the matter before then).

Guests who have reserved rooms at the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu should make sure double check their reservations and contact the hotel  it they haven’t initiated contact already.

It’s important to clarify the following:

  • Hotel Transfers (airport pickup)
  • Rebooking at another international hotel with 5 Star rating (ideally ShangriLa)
  • Benefits at the new hotel for World of Hyatt Elite Members (Upgrade, Breakfast, Club, Late Checkout)
  • Clarify that the member will receive stay credit even if the Hyatt changed to another property
  • Check a possible price difference between your reserved rate and the new hotel
  • Possible compensation for rebooking (might have to request that through Hyatt Customer Relations)

You can access John’s review of the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu (Cat 1 hotel) here:


Kathmandu is a rather exotic destination that has plenty of hotels, however the amount of international chain properties with 5 Stars is limited.

Since this is a Category 1 hotel, it’s possible that many guests have reserved this hotel on points, so especially for Elite Members it’s important that the Hyatt Regency makes arrangements that offer the same type of amenities and benefits as they would have received at the Hyatt itself. This will likely cost them a good amount of money.

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