British Airways To Introduce Electronic Baggage Tags (For 72.60 Euro Each) After Planning It For 5 Years


Congratulations British Airways – After a five year planning phase they finally managed to create an Electronic Baggage Tag which customers can buy at an early bird price of 72.60 Euro a piece.

BA’s new baggage tags are 4x more expensive as compared to their alliance partner Qantas’ solution, which has been on the market for a decade already.

Yes they indeed finally made it after putting the word out last December when we last wrote about these tags that were then planned for distribution in January but that date also came and went.

The British Airways website now produces search a result as well when trying to look up their electronic baggage tags and one can even order them.

Whether you’re travelling on business or gearing up for a holiday, we’re committed to improving your airport experience. That’s why we’ve invested in new developments like biometric boarding and upgraded lounges to guarantee customers a more streamlined and seamless journey through the airport.

TAG is a reusable digital bag tag that seamlessly connects your luggage to your smartphone. Simply attach your personal TAG to your luggage before bag drop and link it with your BA app to ensure your details travel with your bag on its journey.

Available to pre-order from June 2019, TAG can be used over 3,000 times, making it a valuable time saver for frequent flyers.

TAG doesn’t require you to screw-mount it to your luggage or use adhesive materials. Instead, it works more like a traditional luggage label, meaning you can transfer it to whichever piece of luggage you choose to travel with.

TAG works with both the iOS and Android mobile apps. To use, simply add your personal TAG device with your BA account using the app, check in for your flight and select the ‘Update TAG’ option. Once the TAG is attached to your bag, you’re ready for a quick visit to bag drop before continuing your journey.

TAG is available to purchase at the introductory price of £63 (plus any applicable local charges).

From October 2019 the standard price will be £80.

With all (un)due respect for this project but the pricing for this TAG is insane. Are there seriously people out there who are going to pay for this? No preferential pricing for BAEC status customers either, just the 20% off pre-order.

Check out this video BA has uploaded to Youtube to see how it works:

This new device allows users to synchronize the tag with flight details held in their BA app and circumvent printed tags at the counter.

You can order your electronic TAG here if you wish to do so (login to your BAEC account required).

Mind you that this is a pre-order so who knows when the tags will actually reach you and most of all, if they will be operational when you show up with them at the airport. The latter was the main issue with the Rimowa electronic tags because when you tried to check in the staff usually didn’t know how to handle it. Just printing a traditional label would have taken them 10 seconds.


Several airlines and even the baggage manufacturer Rimowa have attempted to drive away from the traditional paper baggage tag but so far success has been limited to Qantas in Australia while Rimowa failed miserably with their E-Tag products.

I’m not seeing the point as to why the passenger should pay extra money in order to buy equipment just to take the responsibility off the airlines hands to label the baggage. If anything goes wrong then that’s just another layer where the carrier can possibly shed responsibility and blame the customer.

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