Uber’s Vomit Fraud-Scam


There are many issues when dealing with Uber and I wasn’t aware of this on-going Vomit Fraud-scam before I saw a post from a friend on social media.


There are sometimes issues with Uber-drivers that we have covered here on LoyaltyLobby, like driving on never ending the trip and driving the entire night (read more here) and not accepting rides from non-locals (read more here).

This latest vomit fraud basically allows drivers to pocket an extra $150 by claiming that the rider has thrown up during the ride and left a mess behind. The Uber driver then uploads some photos taken off the internet as a proof and the rider receives an updated receipt.

The rider then needs to contact Uber and go through four/five rounds of messages before the fraudulent charge is removed.

The driver must hope that the rider doesn’t pay any attention to the Uber receipts/updates and doesn’t contest the charge.


Uber is becoming more and more like a traditional taxi-company with matched customer service (none). This doesn’t bode well for the longevity of the Uber itself.

There are so many scams on Uber right now that sometimes it is not worth dealing with. I had couple of Uber drivers at the Heathrow two weeks ago that accepted the trip but never moved their cars. You then need to deal with cancellation fees (always refunded as credits after you complain). I guess that these drivers just hope collecting the cancellation fees by not doing anything else beyond accepting the trip. I did manage to get a black car at the end but wasted half an hour. Should have just taken the tube.

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