Whine Wednesday: Hotel Swimming Pools Opening Late, Closing Early In The Evening


This weeks Whine Wednesday is about hotel swimming pools and their limited opening hours at some properties where swimming facilities close early in the evening.

Some pools close early just so the hotel doesn’t need staff to manage it, others have a nightlife venue attached to it that makes the operation of a swimming pool for guests impossible.

Limiting opening hours isn’t just a problem in the evening, but also when it comes to the morning when many guests like to go for a swim to start the day.

It’s not uncommon for hotel guests looking for exercise at odd hours due to jet lag, but even in tropical environments like South East Asia just to go for a refreshing dip after sundown.

Even resort properties aren’t immune to this as I experienced it at the Grand Hyatt Bali last week where the pool officially closes at 7pm – way too early for a holiday resort.

The following Tripadvisor Review seems to agree:

When it comes to holiday resorts, I nowadays look for properties and rooms that have a direct pool access from the suite on the lower floor.

One example that it works differently as well is the Aloft in Kuala Lumpur where the rooftop pool is open until 11pm at night:

I also visited the new W Kuala Lumpur last week and the pool there closed at 8pm, after which their Wet Deck nightclub/bar roars to life. The Le Meridien/Hilton also closes extremely early at 7pm.


Hotels should consider the needs of guests more, rather than tuning pool opening hours to their own operational desires. Way too often properties make decisions to cater to outside guests and extra venues rather than providing services to their in-house guests.

When a hotel wants to operate a F&B outlet and gives that priority over the actual facilities such as swimming pool or gym then that’s a problem. On top of it all events such as DJ nights at the W often creates an extremely noisy environment until way after midnight depending on where the rooms are located. Hotels are in the hospitality business and not the party business.