Too Drunk To Serve: British Airways Investigates Three Drunk Crew Members That Ran Naked Through A Hotel During Singapore Layover


Three British Airways crew members face dismissal from their jobs after a regional manager reported them for causing disruption, running drunk and naked through their hotel during a layover.

The scene reportedly happened in Singapore during a scheduled layover and after crew engaged in a variety of drinking games, leaving them totally intoxicated.

Apparently crew members of BA haven’t quite gotten the point of their layover time which is designed for the crew to recover from their exhausting trips, instead they indulged in a rowdy and alcohol laden room party that eventually ended with three individuals running naked through the corridor of their hotel.

The crew members in question were immediately sent home are are currently under investigation after a manager reported the behavior to the company, likely after a complaint to the hotel and due to the fact that public indecency is a serious offense in Singapore.

The Sun reported about it this morning after British Airways confirmed the incident.

THREE British Airways cabin crew face the sack for running naked through a hotel during a boozed-up orgy. The trio were sent home and suspended following a debauched game of “spin the bottle” in Singapore.

Insiders said the group smuggled booze off the plane to “have a good time” after a 14-hour flight from Heathrow.

After getting sozzled on the stopover, the woman and two men were dared to strip and run down a corridor, banging on doors of other guests.

The source said: “Drinking is far too expensive in Singapore for the young fleet, so provisions are taken for everyone to have a good time after.

“There were some frisky crew on this plane. There was snogging and stripping and fumbling between the crew, who were all naked.

“It didn’t take long for ‘spin the bottle’ to start – it’s a drinking game with ludicrous and increasingly daring forfeits designed to get everyone steaming drunk. “Suddenly, three were tasked with running up and down the corridors to create havoc. In their state they didn’t think this was a bad idea.”

But a BA official was among those disturbed by their antics on Sunday. He was said to be “disgusted” and reported them to bosses back in London.

They now face losing their jobs on the airline’s younger, cheaper “mixed-fleet” crew.

Sources also say officials at the hotel in Singapore are fed up with the behaviour of BA crew after allegations of sex assault and a staff member being thrown in a pool.

BA said they “do not tolerate unruly behaviour” by staff and are investigating the claims.

The best option would have probably been to report said crew members to the local police and let them face the music in Singapore as a first flavor of what’s about to come.

Not only did they steal company property (liquor) but also disturbed other guests at the hotel, which unfortunately for them, included someone from British Airways as well.

Aside from that, British Airways staff has apparently been in disrepute at said contract hotel due to previous behavior that has been going on there – allegations of sex assault and a staff member being thrown in a pool – which isn’t to be taken lightly. Some hotel do cancel their contracts with airlines if crew members can’t behave like normal guests but before it comes to that there are usually multiple stern complaints to the company which then comes down hard on crew members.


Maybe British Airways is still overly generous with their layover time for said crew members. Many carriers (such as Lufthansa and Austrian) actually tune down the layover to one night now when it comes to destinations such as Tokyo and Bangkok. Maybe BA need to tighten the screws a little if the staff thinks that using the rest period with these kinds of games is time well spent.

Apart from a general code of conduct violation, both of the company and the hotel, such acts of indecency are punishable by law in Singapore. A country that is known for it’s firm punishments.

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