Lufthansa Miles & More Now Offers Transfer Miles Function For A Fee (10 Euro per 1000 Miles) Through Their Mobile App

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Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program Miles & More has introduced a new function on their mobile app, transferring points between any two accounts for a fee.

Accounts can send & receive up to 35,000 miles per year under this new option, which had been in operation with U.S. based frequent flyer programs for a long time already.

Pretty much all U.S. based programs offer a “share miles” options that allows members to shift miles between accounts for a fee, and Lufthansa likely copied their idea from said programs. After all the miles are already collected in one account and moving them around doesn’t cost the program anything, the fees will be total profit.

Lufthansa Miles&More members can access this new feature on the Miles&More mobile app:

Overall a straight forward process and pretty much the same as buying miles.

Here you can see the price and purchase window:

US$ 11.24 equals 10 Euro per 1000 miles and each account can move/receive 35,000 miles per year.

In May I wrote about another (free) option to pool mileage balances from different accounts in order to redeem awards utilizing mileage from different members combined.

The pooling option is currently available for members with a registered account address in Germany, Austria and Switzerland plus it requires processing through the Lufthansa Mobile App (not even any info on the official Lufthansa website yet).

You have to install the Lufthansa App via your App Store or Google Play Store and sign into your account, then (if your account is registered in the aforementioned countries) you will see the ‘Pooling’ option in the drop down menu.

Does this new paid option make any sense?

Theoretically, you could always start a mileage pool with the accounts from which you want to share the miles from. Keep in mind though that the pool option requires an account address in Germany, Austria and Switzerland though that’s easy enough to change online.

The paid option can be used for any account but with the annual 35k limit and of course the price tag attached to it.


I’m not opposed to Share Miles options when it comes to frequent flyer programs. For example whenever I have a friend or family member who doesn’t collect any miles, I try to have them credit miles into a program that allows to either share or pool miles. That way I can move them into my account either for free or for a small fee. Of course, it has to be worth it paying compared to the award you’re finally redeeming. Alaska Airlines are my favorite miles and $10 per 1k are a very fair price that I’m willing to pay. If Lufthansa Miles&More miles are worth the investment is for the customer to decide.