Reader Question: Waldorf-Astoria Amsterdam Abysmal Award Availability? (RESOLVED)


We covered an award availability issue at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in Amsterdam the other week (read more here) that a reader alerted us about.

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

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You can access Waldorf-Astoria Amsterdam’s website here.

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The issue was that the hotel was bookable at the standard 95,000 points per night rate for only 14 nights between the date of the piece that I wrote and June 2020.

Here’s an update that a Hilton spokesperson sent us:

Thank you for your patience and for bringing the standard room availability at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam to our attention. The hotel team has adjusted the ability to book and redeem a variety of standard room stay lengths, and you should now see numerous dates available for a standard room reward at 95,000 Points.

Here’s the award availability as of Sunday July 7, 2019:

Here’s the original email from the reader:

I believe I’m facing the problem with the hotel holding until the very last minute/not opening award inventory at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam.

I checked award availability for the entire year, from June 18, 2019 to June 18, 2020. There is some standard reward availability (95,000 points per night) for the nearest dates in June 2019. The next available date is in September. Then things are getting worse with zero availability between September 2019 and April 2020 (so not a single night open for 6+ months). Over the next 365 day the hotel has grand total of 10 days open for standard redemption, 5 of which are for nearest dates.

June 2019: 5 dates available
July 2019: no availability
August 2019: no availability
September 2019: 2 non consecutive dates available
October 2019: no availability
November 2019: no availability
December 2019: no
January 2020: no
February 2020: no
March 2020: no
April 2020: 2 non consecutive dates available
May 2020: 1 date available
June 2020: no

I believe the hotel is playing games with award inventory. It looks like they’re holding standard reward availability until the very last moment when they release unsold inventory. I can’t believe that all standard rooms are booked for 355 out 365 nights the next year, including the dead season of January-February (when you routinely can book hotel for a fraction of their regular rates).

Here’s the award availability per mid-June 2019:


I am glad that Hilton Honors and Waldorf-Astoria Amsterdam were able to resolve this award availability issue and what a change! Previously, the hotel was only available for 14 days through June 2020 and now you can book it on most dates.

Readers should alert us about any anomalies that they encounter and sometimes nudge or email from the corporate gets these issues resolved.