ANA All Nippon Airways Surprises With New First- & Business Class Product on Their Boeing B777 Fleet


Japan’s ANA All Nippon Airways has just stunned people with a surprise announcement of new seats for First- & Business Class on their B777 aircraft that are just weeks away from rolling out.

ANA has already installed new Premium Class seats on their A380 – Flying Honu – of which they  recently received delivery of and which will be flying between Japan and Hawaii, but now they’re installing brand new interiors (including Economy & Premium Economy Class) in the Boeing 777 fleet as well.

These days ANA operates the majority of their international routes with the B787 Dreamliner and the B777, with the latter going to to high demand destinations such as London, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

Passengers on the Boeing 777 routes can now look forward to an excellent new premium product that came literally out of nowhere as ANA wasn’t touting this improvement at all.

For one there is the new First Class:

THE Suite

Ultimate comfort and functionality on the new First Class seats.
Each seat features its own door and provides passengers with the privacy they need to enjoy their personal space.

The new product is a bit different from the current “ANA First Square” to what is now being called “The Suite” which also includes more privacy through a door and extra space.

A much bigger impact will be the new Business Class which is phenomenal and reminds of Qatar Airways’ Q-Suites when it comes to the design of it.

THE Room

These wide seats all come with a door and boast direct aisle access, alternating between forward- and rear-facing rows to provide the highest level of privacy and comfort available in Business Class.

These are the designs:

I’m not big on ANA’s current business class as both the design, function and privacy leaves everything to be desired, but these new suites blow much of the competition out of the water.

There is one minor detail though which I also criticized on the Q-Suites and that’s the tiny, fiddly armrest next to the window. It’s really not comfortable and I wish that “design flaw” would be fixed somehow, but apparently not in this case.

All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest and 5-Star airline for seven consecutive years, has collaborated with famed architect Kengo Kuma. and leading British designers Acumen to roll out a total of twelve completely redesigned Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

The first redesigned aircraft will serve the Tokyo/Haneda-London route (NH211/NH212)*1 from August 2.

Featuring the latest technology and design principles, these upgraded aircraft boast interiors that offer first rate comfort and convenience to all passengers and showcase the true inspiration of Japan. …

Among the most noticeable changes to the remodeled aircraft are the all-new First Class seats. Designed with impeccable attention to detail, THE Suite is inspired by luxury Japanese hotels and is the most spacious fully enclosed seating ever seen on an ANA aircraft. New features include the addition of privacy-enhancing doors as well as a crystal-clear 43 inch monitor that is the world’s first 4K personal monitor on a commercial airliner. THE Suite also boasts a movable partition which can be adjusted upon request to pair seats as well as a universal PC and USB port. For the ultimate grandeur, a luxury dark wood finish features throughout the cabin.

At the heart of ANA’s new product investment is a brand new seat design for Business Class called THE Room. Inspired by modern, multifunctional Japanese living spaces, THE Room offers for the first time flexible doors for personal privacy that can also be adjusted to share the space with fellow travel companions – from dining together with the family to conducting meetings with colleagues. With its bold forward and rearward seat layout,

THE Room offers a revolutionary change in space and comfort for ANA Business Class customers, offering one of the largest Business Class seating environments in the world – with a wide sofa which is double the width to previous Business Class seating. With a design focus on minimization and de-cluttering, the Business Class seat offers a ‘place for everything’ including discreet areas for all personal belongings, with deep blue accent hues precisely placed inside each compartment.

To bring warmth and a ‘home away from home’ feel to the cabin, Kengo Kuma finished the seats with three different wood finishes inspired by modern Japanese homes – Rosewood, Light Japanese Ash and Dark Japanese Ash.

Premium Economy Class has also gotten a facelift under the new 212-seat concept.

The middle section still has 4 center seats so unless you’re traveling with family it’s definitely recommended to reserve seats to the side (window/aisle) straight away.

You can see the new cabins in ANA’s Youtube Video:

ANA really went all out with their new designs and it’s quite astonishing that they managed to keep it under wraps.


The new designs look pretty phenomenal and I can’t wait to try them on one of my upcoming flights either to North America or Europe. Unfortunately for now (and likely the foreseeable future), these products will only be featured on the A380 and B777. The Dreamliner destinations of which there are many will continue to offer the current products.

ANA’s competitor JAL has changed to a more private Business Class product quite some time ago, and I guess that ANA felt something had to be done here. At the same time JAL also features a horrible product on their Dreamliner, even worse than that of ANA.

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