Hilton Honors 20% Off Rate Plan For Americas, Hawaii & the Caribbean


Hilton Honors has popular MVP plan that offers 20% off rates at participating hotels in the Americas (Canada, United States, Brazil, Mexico etc.), Hawaii and the Caribbean while being eligible for all the status benefits, stay/night credits and points.

Hilton Hawaiian Village New

The rate is open for all as long as you have any sort of sport affiliation (see below). If  you don’t have, now it would be good time to join!

You can access Hilton’s web page for MVP program here (email me if the link doesn’t resolve – Hilton moves it every once in a while). Note that you can book the MVP rate by using codes that you can find below. Then you can compare all available rates.

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Here are the rate eligibility requirements from Hilton’s MVP page:

Please note: You must be an athletic administrator, athlete, or affiliated with a sports entity, sports-related company, sports group or event to be eligible. You will be asked to show credentials, such as an official business card designated with your team logo, etc.

Making MVP bookings using the following rate codes:

  • Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn and at select U.S. Hilton Grand Vacations Club locations use MVP corporate code (clickable links): N0041604 or 1135262.
  • Hampton, DoubleTree and Embassy Suites  hotels use MVP corporate code (clickable links): 0560041604 or 0561135262.

You can click the codes above and the field is then automatically filled on Hilton’s website. Sometimes you need to try all the codes to bring up the rates for all participating hotels. .

Here are the rate rules:

There are two separate rate rules that are attached to this rate plan depending of the hotel.

One requiring a sports affiliation:

Hilton Honors MVP Miami Rate Rules

and another one only requiring to be a Hilton Honors member:

Hilton Honors MVP Santiago Rate Rules

If you book your stay at a property that requires one and you don’t have any sport affiliation, you can always become a member of the US Golf Association for $25 (access here) or Bowling one for $10 (access here).


MVP rate plan is not prepaid like most discounted ones are and follows the same cancellation deadline as the hotel’s best flexible ones.

Here are rate searches for various cities:


Hilton Honors MVP Rate Search Orlando

New York

Hilton Honors MVP Rate Search New York


Hilton Honors MVP Rate Search Caribbean

Santa Monica

Hilton Honors MVP Rate Search Santa Monica


Hilton Honors MVP Rate Search Brazil


Hilton Honors MVP Rate Search Hawaii


This is a great plan that has been around for a long time and I have used it numerous times over the years. I like it a lot because it does not require advance payment and is usually cancelable until the day before.

The affiliation requirements are very loose. Merely joining the US Golf or Bowling association is enough and you can recoup the $25/$10 fee in less than one stay. I have never, however been asked any kind of sports affiliation ID to go with this rate plan, but you may be.

The only downside is that you sometimes need to click all four rate codes to bring up all participating properties in any given market. Not sure why Hilton is not able to use just one rate code?

This rate plan is qualifying for all Hilton promotions and you get your usual night and stay credit too.

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