Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles 30th Anniversary Sweepstakes To Win 30 Million Miles

Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles currently celebrates its 30th anniversary with a Million Miles Sweepstakes where members can win 100,000 Miles, 30 Million miles over the promotional period.

To participate in the sweepstakes and become one of the 30 people who can win 100,000 Miles every month members can actively enroll themselves on a daily basis.

Miles&Smiles has sent an email to their members advertising this new campaign where the 100,000 miles per member can be won, 30 members per month. Based on this the promotion will last 10 months in total.

You can access the Turkish Miles & Smiles 30th Anniversary Sweepstakes here.

A daily entry is possible and in order to submit the entry a simple question has to be answered:

There are quite a few winners (300) so maybe chances aren’t all too bad even though entering daily into the sweepstakes might be a bit of a bother.


If interested you can add the sweepstakes site to the bookmarks and then enter it at a convenient time even if it’s not daily. In the end it’s all luck!