British Airways Systemwide Baggage Meltdown


British Airways is experiencing a meltdown at London Heathrow and Gatwick airports. The airline is writing manual luggage tags and not promising that passengers will have their bags at destination per Tweets from affected passengers.

BA Bags

British Airways won’t accept checked bags more than 3 hours before scheduled departure from long-haul passengers and 2 hours from short-haul ones. BA has also sent out messages that it may not be able to deliver all baggage and request passengers file missing luggage claims.

British Airways is sending text messages to passengers:

We wish to advise that we are currently experiencing baggage system issues across our network presently. As a result there is a possibility that your baggage may be subject to delay in arriving with you at your destination. Upon your arrival to your destination please continue to proceed to the arrivals baggage carousel to identify your bag. Should your baggage not be repatriated to you on arrival, please see a member of our team, or you can launch a missing bag claim online via this link. If a bag misses a flight for any reason, we’ll certainly send it to you as soon as possible.

Here are Tweets from affected passengers:


Heathrow and British Airways employees are both planning strikes for July and August, likely affecting millions of passengers if no deals are reached. BA was recently fined for privacy violations.

Considering that the airline is struggling with bags in both Heathrow and Gatwick, this must be an issue with their outsourced IT. Perhaps choosing the lowest cost Indian bidder was not the wisest choice after all, taking into account all these on-going issues that must cost the airline hundreds of millions in lost revenue, fines and EU mandated compensation.

Affected passengers whose luggage is delayed should buy the items they need and claim the money back from British Airways. When BA left my bag few years ago somewhere and I arrived to Brazil without any extra clothes, they didn’t have an issue paying my claim that was around $800.