Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) Courtesy Channel-Voucher?


Hong Kong International Airport doesn’t have Fast Track for business/first passengers or elite members for security or immigration purposes unlike many other airports in Asia-Pacific.

Cathay Pacific Courtesy Channel Voucher

I was surprised this morning when I picked up a boarding pass for a business class flight from the first class check in that I was given the above Courtesy Channel-invitation for the first time (never seen one before at HKG).

There is Courtesy Channel to the right of the security clearance next to the crew channel.

Cathay Pacific Courtesy Channel Location

Note on the door indicates that this Courtesy Channel would be for passengers that are elderly, pregnant, with small children or injured.

Cathay Pacific Courtesy Channel Entrance

The security personnel commented that the voucher should have been stamped but that he would let me go through this time (haven’t we all heard this previously?).


There was a short line to the one person who was checking the passports and scanning the boarding pass + photo using the automated machine (not sure for what purpose?). There was no line to the security, however, that sometimes can be 10 to 15 passengers deep.

I have registered years ago for the Frequent Visitor E-Channel that you can use at the airport or land crossings with China. You just scan your passport and finger for both arrival and exit immigration. Has worked very well.

The Hong Kong security, even without this Courtesy Channel, has been very efficient. The max I have ever waited is probably five minutes or less.