Reader Question: American Airlines – Hyatt Explorist Trial issue?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us an email about an issue with the American Airlines and World of Hyatt partnership (read more here, here, here, here and here) that allows members to match statuses between programs.

American Airlines - World of Hyatt

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Here’s the email from the reader:

As you may recall, AA platinum could enroll in the fast track to Explorist after 10 nights.

Does the below make sense to you? They denied giving 4 club vouchers after completing 10 nights claiming that we need to follow the 20 and 30 nights milestone to obtain 2 club vouchers at each milestone.

The way I understood the AA-Hyatt Explorist trial offer T&Cs is that we should receive the 4 vouchers upon completing the 10-night.

Here’s the relevant part of the T&Cs:

Upon registration, the Eligible Member will receive a trial upgrade to Explorist status for 90 days (“Explorist Trial Period”). The trial will provide the member with the benefits of Explorist status, as set forth in the World of Hyatt program terms, provided that the member isn’t already a higher tier in the World of Hyatt program. To maintain Explorist status through February 2021, the member must complete at least ten (10) Tier-Qualifying Nights (as defined in the World of Hyatt program terms) during his or her Explorist Trial Period. If the member completes the 10 Tier-Qualifying Nights, (s)he will also receive four (4) Club Lounge Access Awards (which are subject to the World of Hyatt program terms).

Here’s the reply from Hyatt Consumer Affairs for the reader’s concern:

Thank you for providing your screen shot of the offer.  The key phrasing in the offer is “which are subject to the World of Hyatt program terms”. The terms were outlined in the link I previously sent you.  You will receive 2 club lounge awards after 20 nights, you are already almost there!

We value your membership and we look forward to your future stays at Hyatt.

This really doesn’t appear to be correct.

We forwarded the question to the Hyatt spokesperson and received the following statement:

Appreciate you flagging this particular guest’s inquiry. Wanted to let you know that we are looking into things further to determine what happened on this member’s account and why they did not receive the 4 Club Lounge Access Awards after achieving 10 nights to earn Explorist status.

To confirm, the terms have not changed for the elite status trial offers. Guests who are eligible to participate in this Explorist trial Period will receive the benefits of that status during the trial, as listed in the program terms. To keep that status, eligible members must complete at least 10 Tier-Qualifying Nights during the trial period, and will receive the four Club Lounge Access Awards.


Perhaps the match is not properly programmed to deposit these club lounge access awards after hitting the requirement spelled out on the T&Cs?

It seems that the Consumer Affairs person who replied to the reader’s question was not aware of this match or didn’t properly read the email and just copy/pasted predefined reply to a question about this award type.