Whine Wednesdays: Passengers Walking Barefoot Through The Plane – Including Washrooms!


This week our Whine Wednesday topic is about hygiene on the plane when that some passengers apparently don’t care about such things, even walking barefoot into the washrooms.

Aircraft are notoriously filthy and who in their right mind would think it’s a good idea to walk barefoot through the aisle and especially into the toilet is beyond comprehension.

Who hasn’t seen summaries like “The filthiest spots on an airplane” which can be quite a nightmare for those scared of germs.

Naturally, an airplane is a collection point where people from all over the world meet. No matter if 12 hours before the pair of shoes dragging along the aisle have stood on the beach in the Maldives or the worst slum in West Africa.

Here is an interesting video about germ hot spots on the plane:

Out of all the places where you could expose yourself is walking barefoot into the washroom is the worst. The liquid on the floor is rarely water but urine sprinkled all over.

The same goes for airports as well. It’s absolutely disgusting to see people walk barefoot around the security area. Absolutely gross!


To walk around the aisle or while passing through security, in the very least passengers should wear some socks. When using the washrooms inflight either slip on shoes or the slippers which some airlines provide. Not only the Asian carriers but also others have now adopted to offer the guests slippers in premium cabins.