Italy Air Transport Sector Strikes 10AM – 2PM Friday July 26, 2019

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Air transport sector strikes will take place in Italy tomorrow (July 26, 2019) between 10AM -2PM local time.

Italy Spanish Steps

Airlines has mostly canceled flights that were due to take off/arrive during these hours and moved passengers to earlier/later services. You should check your itineraries on all airlines to/from Italy on flights scheduled for Friday.

Here’s announcement from Alitalia:

Due to 4-hour air transport sector strikes confirmed by some Italian unions for Friday 26 July from 10 am to 2 pm, some changes may occur to the Alitalia flight schedule during that day.

The airline was therefore forced to cancel some domestic and international flights scheduled for 26 July from 10 am to 2 pm.

List of cancelled flights is available here.

Alitalia has taken special measures to mitigate customer inconvenience by operating bigger aircraft on domestic and international routes, in order to rebook passengers affected by cancellations onto the first available flights on the same day: 60 per cent of involved travelers will fly on the same 26 July.

Alitalia invites all customers already holding tickets for travels on 26 July from 10 am to 2 pm to check the status of their flights before going to the airport on website, or calling the airline at the toll-free number 800.65.00.55 (within Italy), at +39 06.65649 (from overseas), or contacting the travel agency where the ticket was bought.

Travelers affected by cancellation or schedule change of Alitalia flights on 26 July can rebook their travel at no additional cost or penalty, or ask for a full ticket refund (only if the flight is cancelled or the delay on departure exceeds 5 hours) by 2 August.

Alitalia reminds that Milan Linate airport will stop operations for works on runway from 27 July to 27 October 2019. During this period, Alitalia travelers will be able to fly to and from Milan Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Serio airports.

Here’s the list of canceled Alitalia flights:

Flight Departure Arrival
AZ149 Brussels Milan Linate
AZ150 Milan Linate Brussels
AZ215 London City Milan Linate
AZ216 Milan Linate London City
AZ226 Milan Linate London City
AZ227 London City Milan Linate
AZ318 Rome Fiumicino Paris Charles DeGaulle
AZ333 Paris Charles DeGaulle Rome Fiumicino
AZ344 Rome Fiumicino Nice
AZ345 Nice Rome Fiumicino
AZ408 Milan Linate Frankfurt
AZ409 Frankfurt Milan Linate
AZ583 Tirana Rome Fiumicino
AZ584 Rome Fiumicino Tirana
AZ725 Athens Milan Linate
AZ726 Milan Linate Athens
AZ824 Rome Fiumicino Beirut
AZ825 Beirut Rome Fiumicino
AZ1019 Milan Malpensa Rome Fiumicino
AZ1026 Rome Fiumicino Milan Malpensa
AZ1155 Rome Fiumicino Reggio Calabria
AZ1156 Reggio Calabria Rome Fiumicino
AZ1157 Rome Fiumicino Reggio Calabria
AZ1166 Lamezia Rome Fiumicino
AZ1168 Lamezia Rome Fiumicino
AZ1169 Rome Fiumicino Lamezia
AZ1171 Rome Fiumicino Lamezia
AZ1198 Reggio Calabria Milan Linate
AZ1263 Rome Fiumicino Naples
AZ1264 Naples Rome Fiumicino
AZ1286 Naples Milan Linate
AZ1287 Milan Linate Naples
AZ1293 Milan Linate Naples
AZ1294 Naples Milan Linate
AZ1311 Rome Fiumicino Bologna
AZ1314 Bologna Rome Fiumicino
AZ1357 Rome Fiumicino Trieste
AZ1358 Trieste Rome Fiumicino
AZ1383 Rome Fiumicino Genoa
AZ1384 Genoa Rome Fiumicino
AZ1386 Genoa Rome Fiumicino
AZ1395 Rome Fiumicino Genoa
AZ1412 Turin Rome Fiumicino
AZ1417 Rome Fiumicino Turin
AZ1463 Rome Fiumicino Venice
AZ1466 Venice Rome Fiumicino
AZ1475 Rome Fiumicino Venice
AZ1492 Verona Rome Fiumicino
AZ1535 Rome Fiumicino Cagliari
AZ1553 Cagliari Milan Linate
AZ1557 Cagliari Milan Linate
AZ1558 Milan Linate Cagliari
AZ1563 Rome Fiumicino Cagliari
AZ1565 Cagliari Milan Linate
AZ1570 Milan Linate Cagliari
AZ1575 Rome Fiumicino Alghero
AZ1577 Cagliari Milan Linate
AZ1578 Alghero Rome Fiumicino
AZ1581 Rome Fiumicino Cagliari
AZ1584 Cagliari Rome Fiumicino
AZ1594 Cagliari Rome Fiumicino
AZ1604 Milan Linate Alghero
AZ1605 Alghero Milan Linate
AZ1612 Bari Rome Fiumicino
AZ1613 Rome Fiumicino Bari
AZ1619 Rome Fiumicino Brindisi
AZ1624 Brindisi Rome Fiumicino
AZ1629 Milan Linate Brindisi
AZ1642 Brindisi Milan Linate
AZ1648 Bari Milan Linate
AZ1649 Milan Linate Bari
AZ1652 Bari Milan Linate
AZ1653 Milan Linate Bari
AZ1663 Rome Fiumicino Pisa
AZ1664 Pisa Rome Fiumicino
AZ1667 Rome Fiumicino Pisa
AZ1668 Pisa Rome Fiumicino
AZ1675 Rome Fiumicino Florence
AZ1678 Florence Rome Fiumicino
AZ1685 Catania Verona
AZ1699 Venice Catania
AZ1701 Milan Linate Catania
AZ1702 Catania Milan Linate
AZ1710 Catania Rome Fiumicino
AZ1711 Rome Fiumicino Catania
AZ1713 Milan Linate Catania
AZ1714 Catania Milan Linate
AZ1715 Milan Linate Catania
AZ1721 Milan Linate Catania
AZ1724 Catania Rome Fiumicino
AZ1730 Catania Rome Fiumicino
AZ1739 Rome Fiumicino Catania
AZ1745 Rome Fiumicino Catania
AZ1747 Catania Milan Linate
AZ1756 Catania Rome Fiumicino
AZ1762 Palermo Milan Linate
AZ1765 Milan Linate Palermo
AZ1767 Palermo Milan Linate
AZ1770 Milan Linate Trapani
AZ1772 Milan Linate Palermo
AZ1773 Trapani Milan Linate
AZ1781 Rome Fiumicino Palermo
AZ1782 Palermo Rome Fiumicino
AZ1784 Palermo Rome Fiumicino
AZ1785 Rome Fiumicino Palermo
AZ2034 Rome Fiumicino Milan Linate
AZ2036 Rome Fiumicino Milan Linate
AZ2037 Milan Linate Rome Fiumicino
AZ2038 Rome Fiumicino Milan Linate
AZ2039 Milan Linate Rome Fiumicino
AZ2045 Milan Linate Rome Fiumicino
AZ2049 Milan Linate Rome Fiumicino
AZ2068 Rome Fiumicino Milan Linate


There has been plenty of strike activity as of late in Europe, although the Heathrow strike scheduled for this Friday and Saturday was suspended (read more here).

Remember that airlines are required to provide Duty to Care (meals, accommodation +phone cards) per EC 261/2004 for long delays and rebook affected passengers to their final destinations at the earliest opportunity even when this means moving them to competing airlines.