Watch Live: British Airways vs British Airline Pilots’ Association Appeals Court Proceedings – Strike Incoming?


British Airways is currently in the London Appeals Court court trying to fight a case they lost the first time against the British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) trying to get a court injunction against a looming pilots strike.

Last week British Airways pilots casted their votes about whether they are supporting labor action this summer holiday and 93% of them are backing a strike.

BA then filed for a high court injunction that would prevent the union from calling a strike, but already lost the first time.

Today (Tuesday morning at 10:30am) they are in appeals court and the proceedings can be followed through a live stream on Youtube:

The union has to give 14 days advance notice before a strike can take place, so if British Airways ends up losing their case today the earliest this strike could take place is the 14th of August.

It’s likely that BALPA is going for a holiday weekend period to cause maximum impact.


If you don’t want your holidays to be ruined – especially when traveling with children – I’d look into avoiding British Airways this summer. If already booked, you’ll have to wait until BA officially cancels your flights unless they come out with a re-booking policy. You can then contact the airline or your travel agent for re-bookings and cancellation options.

Keep in mind that during a strike the airline doesn’t have the duty of paying EC261 cash compensation for delays and cancellations resulting from the strike. They do, however, have the duty of care and this includes providing hotels, meals and most importantly re-bookings to other airlines including other alliances. Customers might have to push for these proper changes and specifically mention the airlines obligations under EC261/2004.