Reader Question: No Compensation For Qatar Downgrade From Qsuite To Regional 2-2-2?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question regarding an equipment swap on Qatar Airways from a Qsuite to 2-2-2 configuration.

Qatar Airways Qsuite

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Despite being very apologetic, Qatar didn’t compensate on a last minute downgrade from Qsuite to a regional 777 with 2-2-2 configuration. On such downgrade Cathay will immediately offer a 100 USD compensation, not Qatar.

Just for information, Flight happened between DOH – CDG on 20/07 QR037.

Here’s the response that the reader received from Qatar:

We sincerely apologise to learn of your disappointment on the change in the type of aircraft operated from Doha to Paris.

While we assure you of our commitment to adhering to published and advertised information with regard to the type of aircraft operated, please allow us to share with you that in spite of our best efforts to adhere to published / advertised schedules and the type of aircraft to be operated in effect on the date of travel at the time of booking, flight schedule changes and / or change of aircraft is an operational exigency that an airline may resort to for various reasons and are subject to change as per the Conditions of Carriage.

We regret if this fell short of your expectations although we do provide the same quality of inflight service on board. We would once again like to mention and as stated in the conditions of carriage, aircraft are subject to change without prior notice depending on operational requirements.

We ask you to accept our repeated apologies for the inconvenience caused & look forward to your return travel with us.


Airlines tend to feature their latest in-flight product in all of their marketing while they may be flying several products (in Qatar’s case at least four or five).

It is very unfortunate but airlines never guarantee the seating type type, regardless what it might have been at the time of booking. There can be even last minute swaps.

Some airlines do compensate for flying on an old product when the passenger had booked the latest one. Qatar Airways, unfortunately, is not known for excellent customer service on the ground, however good their in-flight service is.

Qatar Airways doesn’t only use this 2-2-2 for regional flying but for some of their longest routes (unfortunately). This 2-2-2 may work well for those traveling in pairs but is not good for a single traveler if the cabin is full.