Rapper Busta Rhymes Welcomed To London By Police After Rowing With First Class Passengers On British Airways Flight


Bad behavior on a British Airways flight from New York to London resulted in American rapper Busta Rhymes receiving a great British welcome by several police officers following his threats against several passengers in First Class.

The situation, which was apparently totally bungled by the BA captain, developed when the musician boarded last minute with several carry-on bags and wasn’t able to find space for them.

This was not the first time that Busta Rhymes whose name is Trevor George Smith Jr. ran into trouble with the law upon arrival at Heathrow. I. 2008 he was denied entry due to “unresolved criminal convictions” which apparently didn’t stop him from trying again.

Old habits die hard, he must have thought, when the situation ensued on Monday evening as soon as he entered the British Airways flight from New York JFK to London.

According to this Daily Mail article Smith couldn’t find space for his FIVE carry on bags (why was he even allowed on the plane with those?) when boarding the flight in the last minute.

Busta Rhymes was hauled off a British Airways flight by police as it landed at London’s Heathrow Airport after getting into a row with a passenger in first class.

The US rapper was escorted off the passenger jet after the heated argument with a fellow flyer shortly before take-off in New York.

The 47-year-old hip hop star is understood to have boarded the flight just before the doors closed carrying five bags – before angrily demanding to know: ‘Who’s got all their stuff in my locker?’

Witnesses to the altercation said Busta – real name Trevor George Smith Jr – became ‘agitated, aggressive and rude’ as he hurled insults at the married woman in her late 20s, from London, on the Monday evening flight from JFK Airport in the US.

He was met by police officers at the request of a passenger when the plane landed in London at 6.52am on Tuesday.

Speaking to MailOnline, an unnamed passenger said: ‘Busta got on the plane and saw that this woman had put her luggage in his section of the overhead locker.

‘He turned around and demanded to know whose stuff it was.

‘This British woman stood up and said the bags belonged to her.

‘He was ranting and raving, getting really angry and demanding to know why she had used his locker.

‘He told her to move her stuff immediately.

‘He began shouting and behaving extremely aggressively and the woman was getting more and more upset, she began crying.

‘As she got more and more tearful, her husband, who is British and works in London as a trader, intervened and told him he needn’t be so rude to his wife.

‘He said that he was upsetting her when she was clearly happy to move her things.

‘The husband was trying to diffuse the situation, to which Busta replied, ‘Let’s go homeboy’.’ …

The cabin crew gave the singer a glass of water and took him to the first class galley and spoke to him in order to diffuse the row.

But when he went back to his seat, the star is accused of saying to another passenger who had spoken to him earlier ‘I’m sure we will clear this up in London.’ …

Before take-off the captain went to first class and demanded assurances from passengers that there would be no further trouble. 

They were given the option of leaving the plane and catching a later flight back to London, it is claimed. …

A BA spokesman added: ‘Our cabin crew and Captain reassured all the customers involved.

‘All those in the cabin were given the option of moving away, and the flight did not depart until everyone confirmed that they were happy to continue.’ …

There are so many things wrong with this situation that I don’t even know where to begin.

Lets start with the most obvious: The guy is a major punk, well beyond the prime of his career. Yet he apparently still gets gigs that pay for him to travel in First Class, plus  he was with an entourage in the back, so good for him. It does however boomerang right back to the good old saying “You can’t buy class”.

And then the questions start:

Why was the passenger allowed to board the plane with that many carry on bags? Yes – even in First Class there is a limit and the ground staff shouldn’t be star struck but rather enforce it. Especially since JFK-LHR is operated by a 747 with limited storage space in First – none for the middle seats.

If you’re seated in the middle section then the overhead bin space on the side is shared space which the four passengers in the middle have to utilize as well. [Baggage space is one of my least favorite features of “The Queen” 747].

From the article, it sounds like British Airways totally dropped the ball here to de-escalate the situation. There was apparently no staff present during this entire episode. The passengers were there to fend for themselves against the thug even though this was all a verbal altercation.

I suggest to check out the full Daily Mail article that includes a video clip and pictures passengers took – enjoy!

After the artist got a good talking down from the Cabin Service Director he settled into his seat but short after started yet another altercation with a passenger involved in the first scene. This time the captain was called down and talked to the parties involved. What did he do?

He offered the entire party of passengers (not the offender) to leave the aircraft and take a later flight to London. Yes, you read that right!

Instead of kicking a highly aggressive passenger who is agitating the entire First Class cabin off the flight the Captain (responsible for the safety on board) actually suggests that the victims of the abuse get off the flight. Just wow, BA!

The passenger made the right call and requested that  police meet the flight at Heathrow in order to take Busta Rhymes to the side (unfortunately he wasn’t arrested). Seriously, this should have been done in New York and handled by BA. The cops could have then hauled him off and checked if he was under the influence of something.

Was the British Airways pilot instructed by someone from HQ to let the offender stay, fearing a PR disaster, or was this his own stupid decision? Makes you wonder about other judgement calls he might need to make when it comes to safety.

Well, congrats BA, you again made it into the headlines of several news outlets, and for all the wrong reasons at that!


Obviously a highly charged situation that involved several passengers in the cabin, not just one. It’s absolutely mind boggling how the crew, especially the captain, would take off on a transatlantic flight with this guy on board. I’ve seen people get kicked off for less. I can’t imagine the passengers felt very comfortable nor safe during this flight across the pond.

The passengers who were threatened by Busta Rhymes should consult an attorney and consider filing a lawsuit in NYC, rather that getting this situation remedied by British Airways. The airline made several safety related calls here that were completely unacceptable and quite frankly a complaint to the FAA/DOT would be in order as well.