Marriott Bonvoy Forcing Password Change (Yet Again)


Marriott has had plenty of IT and customer service issues that have plagued the company ever since the integration of the Starwood members and properties into the legacy MARSHA-system (think of an 80’s style command interface).

Marriott Bonvoy Password Change

It seems that there is something going on with both usernames and passwords when trying to log into the Marriott Bonvoy website. They were forcing password changes yet again.

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Marriott has some requirements for the password used….

Marriott Bonvoy Password Change Options

They now use a PIN that is sent to the email address on file.

Marriott Bonvoy Password Change Confirm Identity


I hate changing passwords for various websites and have long given up trying to remember them all and I refuse to use one of those password managers. I store these passwords all on a spreadsheet (and the most important ones on my “offline” black notepad).

Not sure if Marriott now requires members to change their passwords periodically or what is going on?