Emirates Flight Attendant Attacked During Flight & Put On Non-Paid Leave


It is sometimes difficult to believe what is happening in the United Arab Emirates (one of the Dubai ruler’s wives just escaped to the UK and requested asylum) when it comes to the human and labor rights in the country.


Now, Emirates (the airline) has put one of it’s flight attendant on non-paid leave after she was attacked during a flight from Los Angeles to Dubai by a Jordanian national.

Here’s an excerpt from the Khaleej Times (access their piece here):

The Ghanaian air hostess, 35, told the prosecutor that she was in charge of the flight attendants in the plane from Los Angeles to Dubai on April 13. “We faced a problem with one passenger – the defendant – who was travelling in the economy class and moved on his own to the business class. He would not want to listen to me as I tried to explain to him about the airline’s regulations. He then moved to the first class and put the earpiece on while insulting me.”

She added that she dealt professionally with the defendant and that other colleagues witnessed the assault. “This was the first time I got into such a situation since 12 years in this job. I was suspended and did not receive my salary for one month pending my mental evaluation by a psychiatrist.”

A 39-year-old Indonesian air services supervisor said that the defendant ignored her as she told him to return to his seat. “He told me to go away and not argue with him as he did not care about the procedures. I spotted him later following the victim to the upper floor.  He boasted later at the airport that he was an American citizen and knew people in the police.”


You would think that Emirates would support a flight attendant (or an “air hostess” as the UAE paper calls her) after an attack such as this, rather than put her on non-paid leave pending mental evaluation?

Would the airline be willing to just fire the flight attendant if she was found unfit for duty for a few months after this incident (or perhaps they just did that) and send her back to her native Ghana?

I always try to point our readers and my friends that United Arab Emirates is not a sea, sand, and sun nor a sex and alcohol destination as some may believe it to be. However, as long as you don’t run into any kind of trouble, such as being sexually assaulted by your colleagues (read more here what happened to one-then Starwood employee), you will be fine. If there are any problems, however you will be hit by Sharia law.

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