Last Call: Emirates Skywards Buy & Gift Miles Promotion With Up To 30% Discount Until 5 August 2019

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Emirates Skywards current promotion offering up to 30% discount on all purchases of 5000+ Skywards miles is ending tomorrow, August 5th 2019.

Even though this might not be the most attractive bonus offer (price wise) it could be useful for someone who wishes to top off an account to redeem an award on short notice.

Before you consider buying miles, maybe pooling your account with family members (see Emirates website here) could be a more cost savvy option so if there is someone you can share/combine miles with you should do that first.

Emirates previously sent out an email about the promotion:

Get more Skywards Miles for the Miles you Buy or Gift, and enjoy your flight reward, upgrade and more now.

Buy or Gift a minimum of 5,000 Miles by 5 August and get up to 30% bonus Miles.

The more Miles you Buy or Gift, the bigger your bonus, so now’s the perfect time to boost your Miles or surprise your loved ones.

You can access the promotional landing page for the miles purchase / gift promotion here.

The price is always displayed in the home currency of the registered account address. 48,080.00 THB are US$1,560.00 at the moment.

This is for 50,000 miles plus 15,000 Bonus which is the minimum amount required to purchase in order to get the max 30% bonus. Previous Emirates Buy Miles promotions have been in this price range as well.


I would only consider buying these Emirates miles as the last resort if it allows me to redeem for an award I need and there are no other short term means of topping off my balance. Definitely not a large amount under any circumstances

Before buying one should consider either pooling miles as mentioned or transfer them from another loyalty program such as Amex Membership Rewards or a hotel loyalty program. It makes no sense at all to buy large number of Skywards miles even with the promotion. I can’t see any scenario where you would get actual value for money by buying miles and the redeeming for an award.

These are the Terms & Conditions attached to this promotion:

The Promotion provides an Eligible Member the opportunity to earn up to 30% of the Skywards Miles purchased as an additional bonus (the “Bonus Miles”) when purchasing a minimum of 5,000 Skywards Miles through the Buy Miles or Gift Miles product during the Promotion Period from 16 July to 5 August 2019. The Bonus Miles an Eligible Member can earn will be based upon the number of Skywards Miles purchased (the “Offer”). This Offer is available only for transactions made to Buy Miles / Gift Miles and cannot be applied in combination with another offer that may be available on the Buy Miles / Gift Miles product. Skywards Miles bought / gifted through this Offer will count towards the maximum limit of 100,000 Miles that a member can purchase for self or receive as a gift in a calendar year.