Prepare For London Heathrow Mayhem On Monday & Tuesday (August 5 – 6, 2019)

More than 2,500 London Heathrow employees are scheduled to go on strike for two days starting at 12:01AM on Monday lasting until 11:59PM on Tuesday (August 5 – 6 2019) affecting all aspects of airport operations.

BA First Wing

There are ongoing last ditch negotiations that are trying to avert this strike after employees overwhelmingly rejected the sweetened 3.75 GBP daily pay raise on Friday.

You can access Heathrow’s website for strike information here and BA’s here.

Airport has required airlines to cancel close to 200 flights scheduled for Monday and Tuesday as a preliminary measure. It is up to individual airlines, however, what flights they decide to nix and changes/cancellations should have been loaded by now.

Passengers that are scheduled to fly to/from/via Heathrow should check their schedules to see if the flights are actually operating.

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have both informed their frequent fliers about reduced carry-on luggage allowed on board that will in turn likely overwhelm the airport’s checked luggage operations that are not great on even the best of days. Expect not to see your checked luggage for days.

British Airways frequent fliers are not able to use the first wing or expedited security. Expect extremely long lines at security check points. Unlike most other airports, these checks are performed even for transit passengers from all destinations.


London Heathrow will be a complete mess for two days unless parties can reach a last minute agreement before the industrial action is scheduled to begin in few hours time.

My advice would be to try avoid the airport altogether, especially if you are transiting because you might end up being stranded in London for a day or two in the case of flight cancellations. See if the airline is willing to rebook you via an alternate transit point.

Passengers originating in London have several other airports to choose from including London City, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton that are not affected by the strike.

Airlines are required to provide Duty to Care per EC 261/2004 for those passengers originating from EU + Iceland/Norway/Switzerland or on flights by community carriers TO Europe as well. This means that airlines are required to provide accommodation, food and communication cards in case of long delays. Passengers are also required to be rebooked to their final destinations at the earliest opportunity.