Finally: Singapore Airlines Now Offers Unlimited Complimentary Internet To First Class & Suites Passengers

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Singapore Airlines has finally taken the leap and is now offering passengers in First Class and Suites an unlimited complimentary internet connection for the duration of the flight.

In addition to that, SIA has also improved the complementary internet allowance for passengers in Business Class as well as their PPS Club / Solitaire members who now receive 100MB for free (previously 30MB).

Despite their good reputation for fancy premium cabins, lounges and great service Singapore Airlines has long been famous for their restrictive onboard internet service, which comes at a pretty hefty price tag.

Now the carrier has finally made amends for this situation and introduced complimentary unlimited internet at least for their passengers flying First Class and Suites. Allowances for Business Class and PPS have also been upgraded.

According to Singapore Airlines staff, this change happened a few days ago on August 1st 2019 and a friend just experienced it on his flight from Paris to Singapore.

You can access details regarding internet on SIA’s website here, however there is no mention of the allowances at all. We’ve reached out to Singapore Airlines but so far nobody has replied to our email, so all information I have on hand right now comes from my friends flight yesterday and what the flight attendants told him.

These were the old allowances for SIA passengers:

  • First Class / Suites Class: 100 MB
  • Business Class / PPS Members: 30 MB

Now this has been improved to the following:

  • First Class / Suites Class: Unlimited Data
  • Business Class / PPS Members: 100 MB

It’s good to hear that Singapore Airlines did something to improve the situation because both 100 MB and especially 30 MB data allowance is a joke. Switch your phone on and that will be slurped up in a heartbeat!

There are still more problems remaining in regards to internet on SQ though. Wifi is only available on their Airbus A350/A380, B777-300ER and B787 Dreamliner aircraft. All others aren’t equipped to facilitate a connection. The remaining aircraft are pretty much all regional planes, but some of them are also operating medium-range destinations where internet would be helpful.

Singapore Airlines operated different systems, varying by aircraft type. Some are OnAir, some are Panasonic and each of them have different pricing. It’s totally ridiculous that there isn’t a universal pricing model on the same airline and I’m not even talking about the price itself yet. You can find prices ranging from $20 for 50MB to over $100 for 500MB. That is just nuts!

The only way to get a reasonably priced flat rate is to use a roaming connection from local Singapore telecoms:

This is a very reasonable rate, but obviously won’t help anyone who doesn’t maintain an account with these companies.


Inflight wifi is a mainstream service nowadays and no longer something exotic. For example, when Lufthansa began to roll out FlyNet in the early 2000s the technology was a novum as so many other tech items. That was 15 years ago and today most airlines offer a flat rate of ~ $25 for an entire long haul flight.

Even though this revision for premium customers is something positive, Singapore Airlines has to get their wifi service under control and get with the times to match what the competition is offering. They are out of touch and it’s not fair to milk passengers that way, especially those in Economy who don’t get any free allowance at the moment.