Another British Airways IT Meltdown (August 7, 2019)

British Airways is facing IT issues again, as of Wednesday morning, and most short-haul flights at all airports have been canceled until noon (if not later). The airline has been using manual back up to get some flights off the ground.

Cruz BA

BA has put in place rebooking guidelines for affected passengers. Call centers can book on other airlines’ flights (as required anyway by EC 261/2004) or passengers can choose to fly on BA services between August 8 – 14.

You can access BA here.

Note that the EC 261/2004 legislation applies here. British Airways is required to rebook affected passengers to their final destinations at the earliest possible opportunity even if that means reticketing on competing airlines.

Passengers that are experiencing long delays can request accomondation at the BA’s expense and vouchers for food. The airline is also required to pay compensation in cash for passengers that are delayed by more than 2 hours.


There is something terrible wrong with BA’s IT, considering how often the airline has had these outages and the hack incident last year that will end up costing the airline more than 100 million pounds alone.

Perhaps outsourcing the IT functions to the lowest cost bidder wasn’t the best or the most economical solution after all?