Virgin Atlantic Reveals New A350 Cabin Design Features Including Semi-Private Upper Class Suites

Virgin Atlantic has revealed their new products featured on board the Airbus A350 which is destined to give their rival BA a run for its money on leisure and select business routes once deployed properly.

The A350 will continue to feature a bar and lounge as well as semi private suites in Upper Class which comes with a privacy screen instead a full door.

Virgin expects the delivery of their first Airbus A350 momentarily, and the New York route will be the first to experience this new aircraft as well as Virgin’s newest products.

They have teased the rollout with a video on their Facebook page:

Here are a couple impressions from the video:

On board Bar & Lounge for Upper Class

Premium Economy Cabin

Upper Class Seat with privacy screen deployed

The new Airbus A350 is scheduled to fly to New York from September 10, ex LHR under flight number VS153 departing at 13:30, arriving JFK at 16:25, returning as VS138 at 19:00, arriving Heathrow at 07:20am the following morning.

Beginning September 25th the A350 changes to flight VS137, departing Heathrow at 11:50 and arriving in New York at 14:50.

Until October 26, the aircraft will not operate on Thursdays, and during the winter schedule between October 27 – March 28, 2019 it won’t operate on Tuesdays so this will be a six day per week operation.

These are the descriptions per the Virgin Atlantic product page:

Economy Class

Our newest Economy seats are designed with bespoke woven fabrics inspired by fashion houses. Six way adjustable headrests ensure comfort, and the 11.5 inch seatback screens with next generation entertainment system is worth settling in for. There’s plenty of storage, and USB power to keep your gadgets going.

Premium Economy Class

Rich, custom leather seats and high end finishes welcome you into the Premium cabin of the A350. We’ve added a lot more storage for all your bits and pieces, plus USB power and a generous 13 inch screen for our next generation entertainment system.

Upper Class

Our stunning new Upper Class suite is the perfect retreat at 30,000 feet. Every seat is window facing, and boasts enhanced privacy, plenty of space and storage, adjustable moodlighting, an 18.5 inch screen – all with our gorgeous Virgin Atlantic style.

Virgin will end up with 12 Airbus A350-1000 and that means not many routes will be enjoying this new product once all of these aircraft are delivered. Time will tell what Virgin plans to do with the other planes in the fleet and their rather “boutique” network.


It’s great to have a few new products in the air these days. Airlines are kept on their toes by competition and, in terms of the UK market, both Virgin and BA have had their Business Class for years, though Virgin Upper Class always reigned supreme in terms of product quality.

Virgins route network and lack of alliance affiliation, however, makes it difficult at times to be entirely loyal to the carrier. BA has the oneworld advantage here and having rolled out their new Business Class as well this month with their first plane the two rivals inch closer once more.