Marriott Bonvoy Emails About Shared Or Received Points

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Many Marriott Bonvoy members have received very confusing emails over the past 24 hours for transactions that have taken place many months ago.

Marriott Bonvoy Points

It seems that Marriott’s email system is now finally working and sending out confirmations for those that have either sent or received points to/from other members.

You can access Marriott Bonvoy’s page for sharing points here.

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Note that these emails are for not new transactions. They are for points that you have shared or received as a result of sharing previously. It is unclear why Marriott Bonvoy has now suddenly decided to send them out.


These emails have really created confusion among programs members that have not been sure whether these emails are for real or just a phishing attempt.

It seems that these emails are confirmations for transactions that have taken place long time ago. Almost like Marriott Bonvoy’s auto email confirmation system got finally activated.

Can we soon expect to get all the missing emails for reservation that have been booked and canceled that never got confirmed by email? I am eagerly waiting for an email onslaught.