Lufthansa Now Discloses Business Class Restrictions (Euro-Business Style) When Bidding For Upgrades


After facing criticism after selling upgrades, Lufthansa now has a disclaimer attached to their Plusgrade upgrade page saying that passengers might encounter their (poor) European Business Class seats on certain routes.

Previously, Lufthansa displayed a lie flat seat on this page, which caused lots of confusion and was pretty much false advertising.

We have covered the opportunity to get upgrades on Lufthansa at reasonable prices multiple times here on LoyaltyLobby, but as always, it’s important to keep ones eyes open when looking on which routes the upgrade is supposed to be on.

The pictures with lie flat seats have now disappeared entirely from the Plusgrade linked page and instead it now looks like this:

They do however still mention the “almost two meter long fully flat bed” in the product description and I feel that they should mention this is valid for long haul flights only.

The way they do it now is naming the affected destinations where Lufthansa operates their horrible European Business Class by 3-letter code only. I’m sure many customers can’t really identify these codes and match them to their actual destinations.

It’s not the first time Lufthansa is engaging in somewhat deceptive advertising. Last December I wrote about LH offering “Fake First Class” seat reservations on their website:

These seats which Lufthansa described as “First Class” in a cheeky or better said dishonest way are just plain Exit Row seats for the price of 25 Euro a pop for this short domestic flight from Frankfurt to Hamburg.


Lufthansa really shouldn’t advertise their products this way. First Class and Business Class suggests a vast improvement over an actual standard seat. It’s ridiculous to suggest customer would receive a lie flat seat and get people who don’t know better to fork over extra money in expectation of an actual upgrade, when there of course isn’t one.

The way Lufthansa has now made amends is more fine print rather than a proper clarification. Hopefully people will shy away from bidding too much for the unworthy product LH sells as Business Class on narrow body planes.