Reader Question: Buying Malaysia Airlines Lounge Access At Kuala Lumpur Airport – Does It Make Sense?

Today we have a Reader Question from one of our readers has been asking about paid lounge access with Malaysia Airlines in Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Airlines often sell lounge access but the conditions and especially the price frequently make it less than desirable to do so and Malaysia Airlines is certainly no exception.

Having long layovers while waiting at an airport is not as bad if you have access to an airport lounge, but those travelers flying Economy Class without Elite membership are mostly confined to the public areas of the concourse.

While one option to get around this is to get a Priority Pass membership, some airlines also sell access to their lounges with a cash payment.

Our reader Yuki from Japan was asking about his options as he’ll be flying a Malaysia Airlines Itinerary Osaka-Kuala Lumpur-London and back with a 3 hour layover in KLIA.

I checked out what MAS’s policies are at the moment and was rather surprised what they came up with.

You can access the Malaysia Airlines Paid Lounge Access website here.

There are different rates depending on how you book your stay. The first option is reserving and paying for access through the website/app when accessing the reservation:

The other option is to just walk in, however that’s even more expensive (320 MYR vs 279 MYR):

The limit for staying at the lounge is 3 hours in total and lounge access can be purchased up until one hour prior to the flight (which doesn’t really make much sense considering boarding commences 30 minutes prior to departure time so why pay for 30 minutes!?).

I checked how this would look like when accessing the reservation:

The 279 MYR online price converts to US$66 for the lounge pass valid at either the Regional or Satellite Lounge. Quite steep to be honest considering it’s not really a realm of luxury, rather a noisy standard Business Class Lounge.

Another option is to purchase access to the Plaza Premium Lounge via Loungebuddy which costs $37 for 3 hours. Access is also available for Priority Pass, Amex Platinum and other memberships.


For 279 Ringgit you can spend your time very well inside the KLIA Terminal and pay for a nice meal as well as a massage. Even without Elite Status, I’d likely not pay that much unless it was a very long layover that is reaching the maximum time allowed (or longer).

It’s always easy to look at the lounge as a given when you had elite status for a long time, but long layovers without such amenities can really take a lot of a travelers energy.