UPDATE: What Mistakes Can You Find In Hilton Auckland’s Welcome Letter?

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Last week, we solicited comments from our readers what factual issues there is on the Diamond welcome letter at the Hilton Auckland.

Hilton Auckland

Readers left comments on the piece and I believe that you found all the issues that I was able to identify.

You can access Hilton Auckland’s website here.

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Here are the issues:

Hilton Auckland Welcome Letter Benefits U

1. Upgrade to next room category – subject to availability.

Here’s what Hilton says:

Diamond Hilton Honors Members may receive upgrades to preferred rooms, based on availability at the time of arrival. Upgrades for Diamond Hilton Honors Members may include upgrades up to “junior”, “standard” or “one-bedroom” suites. Upgrades exclude executive suites, villas and specialty accommodations/floors/towers (which may include, but not limited to, “Vista,” “Villa,” or “Club” accommodation types), subject to the discretion of the hotel.

The Hilton Honors Diamond upgrade T&Cs are very non-committal. I would say that the upgrades should be granted beyond one category up to junior, standard and one-bedroom suites.

2. Complimentary Internet – when booking through a Hilton direct channel

There are two issues here:

a: complimentary internet

Hilton Honors Diamond members are eligible for PREMIUM internet

Complimentary in-room and lobby Premium Internet access

b: when booking through a Hilton direct channel

The stay doesn’t need to be booked through a direct Hilton channel to be eligible. Travel agent and corporate travel booking tools are eligible as well, as long as they book corporate and not consolidator rates or specially negotiated rates (corporate rates are fine).

3. 2,000 Bonus Points per stay

Diamond members are eligible for 1,000 bonus points per stay (unless the hotel has internal offer going on – haven’t seen any with Hilton).

4. 50% bonus points of your base points

Hilton Honors discontinued Double Dipping close to 18 months ago under which this could have been ok. Now, however, the Diamond member bonus amount is 100%.


Hilton hotels are not required to provide FULL breakfast for Diamond members (requirement is continental) and drink vouchers are something beyond what is mandated from hotels that don’t have executive lounges (they really should have one).

I wish that all the hotels would have the information correct on these welcome letters that I do appreciate, especially at properties that I don’t frequently visit.

The hotel has upgraded me to a Bow Suite few times that I believe is part of the upgrade inventory for Diamond members. The hotel also gave me FOUR drink vouchers on my most recent visit (left them all unused).