British Airways Sending Out Flight Cancellations Emails Due To Pilot Strike

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BALPA announced earlier today its pilot strike dates for September (8, 9 and 27) and British Airways put an advisory up for its passengers.

BA First Wing

Now, the airline has started to confirm the flight activity (operating versus canceled) for the first two days and passengers have started to receive cancellation emails and text messages from the airline. The flight cancellations also take place on September 7 and 10 due to crew and plane rotations.

You can access BA’s page for strike information here and MMB (Manage My Booking) here.

You should access your BA account to see if there has been changes to the flights or cancellations.

British Airways is allowing affected customers and those flying even before or after the strike dates to rebook free of charge to dates outside of the strike period. See the options available on MMB. There may be other options available by phoning in that are not shown online, however.

Phone agents will likely soon be able to rebook passengers on canceled services to other Oneworld carriers and airlines such as Lufthansa, Swiss, Air France and KLM among others.


This is going to be messy period for the passengers scheduled to fly on British Airways. It is unclear at this time what flights are operating and what are canceled. It should be clearer early next week.

Remember that the MMB is likely only going to offer alternate BA and perhaps Iberia flights. BA is required per EC 261/2005, however, to rebook affected passengers on other airlines as well but won’t likely do this without being prompted by the passenger.

You are also eligible for Duty to Care in case of long delays and cancellations (if not at home) that include accommodation, food and phone cards.

Let’s hope that this strike is called off but BA tends to play hardball with its employees (not sure if this is the right strategy).