UPDATE: Hilton Honors 7,500 Bonus Points For Two Stays By January 31, 2020 (Registration Open Again)


Hilton Honors on Monday last week launched an up to 7,500 bonus points offer (read more here) that is valid for stays through January 31, 2020. The offer was temporarily removed from existing members offers, making it only available for new members.

Hilton Honors 7,500 Bonus Points Media August 2019

Hilton Honors brought back the page (previously it went to directly member sign up form) and existing members can sign up for it again as well. Members that registered for this offer will earn 2,500 bonus points for the first and 5,000 bonus points for the second stay during the promotional period.

You can access and register for this offer on Hilton’s website here.

EDIT: It seems that either the landing page is experiencing issues (after you choose to sign up) or Hilton Honors has decided to take the offer down again. Difficult to tell which. This was working on Friday morning when I wrote the piece as two existing accounts were successfully registered for it.

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Here’s the page up again:

Hilton Honors 7500 Bonus Points

These points are posting:

Here’s what posted to my Hilton Honors account today:

Hilton Honors Points Activity

I signed up for the offer while I was staying at the Conrad Bora Bora and the bonus points with the stay albeit with a different line.

Here’s what we wrote about this offer earlier:

Note that bonus points such as this have traditionally posted on award stays as well.

Members were reporting registration issues on Tuesday:

Hilton Honors Promo Unavailable

While it was working just fine few hours earlier:

Hilton Honors 7,500 Bonus Points Media August 2019 Confirmation

Unlike with most other similar offers, except the one few months ago, the registration for my Diamond account was successful.

The landing page has now changed too:

Hilton Honors Registration

The offer still tracks in My Offers (access here):

Hilton Honors 7,500 Bonus Points Media August 2019 My Offers

The promo also tracks on My Offers.

Hilton 7,500 Bonus Points ad:

Hilton Honors 7,500 Bonus Points Media August 2019 FB

Hilton Honors had the above ad on Facebook. There is no note that it would only be available for new accounts.


Two of my friends just registered for this offer using their existing accounts (I couldn’t because I already had signed up). The offer page was completely down yesterday (was returning a 401 error message) even for new sign ups.

Not sure if bringing back this offer is intentional or not, but all Hilton Honors members should sign up for it regardless of if they plan to stay at affiliated hotels before the end of January. These bonus points post to award stays as well.