Reader Email: Marriott Hotel Threatens To Cancel Reservation 7 Months After It Was Made


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us an email that he had received from a Marriott affiliated hotel in New Orleans threatening to cancel his reservation seven months after it was made.

Fairfield by Marriott New Orleans

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Thought you might find the notification I received below rather intriguing. I’m a lifetime titanium Marriott member & received this e-mail from the GM at a New Orleans property for a reservation I made almost 7 months ago. Not sure why they intend to make such threats about cancelling my reservation as a lifetime titanium elite, but that’s what it appears is being done.

Here’s email that Mr. Stephen K Borecki (GM) sent to the reader:

Thank you for choosing the Fairfield by Marriott New Orleans as your destination for your upcoming trip in January, 2020.

We are writing to notify you that at the time of your booking, a very unfortunate error occurred. Marriott Reservation system allowed your reservations to be booked even though the Fairfield Inn & Suites Downtown New Orleans was already sold out of available rooms.  Marriott reservations system also allowed for rooms to be sold at an incorrect rate, and without the required one night non-refundable deposit. Marriott has recognized this error and since corrected the situation.

At this point, we have arranged for some rooms at a few different properties in the New Orleans area for a very limited time. These rooms will be available on a first come, first serve basis. We strongly encourage you to please reach back to us no later than August 29, 2019 so we can help you relocate your reservations in advance. As our most valued guests, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation and want to work with you. Please note that if we do not hear from you by August 29, 2019 your reservations may be cancelled.

If you do not choose to relocate or cancel your current reservations at the Fairfield Inn & Suites, you ultimately would be entitled to your status benefits, although you have a great risk of being walked on the day of arrival to a property over an hour away. We sincerely apologize for this situation. We wanted to reach out well in advance of the reservation date.  Our hope and desire is to assist as many of you as possible.

I would like to speak with you personally at your earliest opportunity at 504-518-5510. Please call or respond via email at to let me know the best contact number for you, and what time of day works best.


Stephen K Borecki

Note that we usually remove the names of the hotel employees when we publish emails that they send to our readers. We decided to include it this time because it is from the head of the hotel – the General Manager.


Marriott has totally lost the control of its affiliated hotels that appear to be able to act in a way that are adverse to the guests, elite members and the longevity of the system itself in the long run.

General Manager here states that if the reader doesn’t accept one of the alternate hotels his reservation could be canceled. If the reader doesn’t choose to stay at the other hotel and the reservation is not canceled, he may be walked to an other hotel miles away on the date of checking in.

How can you trust booking a Marriott hotel when you may receive an email such as the one above months later?